High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : Masato is Serious About Making Money!

Episode 2

Masato wa honki de kanemōke o suru yōdesu!” (勝人は本気で金儲けをするようです!)

It is time to see how the Prodigies start changing the world they are in and not surprising the first thing they need to do is change the economy of the world directly around them.

In steps the Merchant Masato.

I have to say I’m very happy that this show was picked out for me, whilst I was told it would be a comedy the comedy aspect is very faint at the moment and the very serious story of Elm Village putting a dictatorish Trading Company out of business was allowed to breath to the point that it’ll move onto a second episode next week.

So often I feel these shows try and put too much into one episode to show off each character and each little step in the story in the smallest amount of time but here we got to see how out of nowhere Masato was able to build a thriving business.

Of course it isn’t something you could bring into reality but it made sense in this world.

The major city that Elm Village trade to is Dormundt, they are under the tyrannical trading rules of the Neutscheland Company, that company is the only one with a trading permit and therefore dictate the prices being paid to traders. This is why obviously Elm Village struggles a little and Elch doesn’t like the fact they have another 7 mouths to feed going into winter time.

It then became a story of how he built up in a small amount of time using methods only he really could use a business model that would help not only Elm Village but all neighbouring villages and the city itself.

Personally I found it really interesting to watch as he grew the Elm trading company. Nothing he offered to the other villagers was unfair, he wasn’t the best of two bad options whilst all the time Elm Village was the one winning in everything. They made 10% off the top of everyone’s sales, they managed to build a outdoor market fully manned and probably also had the most unique item to trade in the foreign Mayo that they have brought to the world. The other villagers were still getting 90% of their profit and the customers were getting things for a little less money then they would otherwise buy them.

It was a win-win all around and showed of Masato well.

He didn’t come across as a horrible person even though of all the professions business man might come over as being the most cut throat and dangerous, he came across as someone who just didn’t like to be super cheated. I know he said he likes to cheat others but in this situation it didn’t feel like he had and I feel like if he does try Elch might take a step to cut ties with him and I don’t think Masato will mind.

Nothing else really happened in the episode other then world building. The others have settled in to do the little they can for the village and now they’ll be well fed as well. Whatever Ringo is doing we still don’t know but that doesn’t bother me.

Overall I really enjoyed the episode which was interesting from beginning to end. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I have.

Next episode it’ll be war between the two trading companies and you have to believe that Elm will win it else what is the point?

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