Ascendance of a Bookworm : Life Improvements and Slates

Episode 2

Seikatsu kaizen to Sekiban” ( 生活改善と石板)

After a first episode that left me in two minds on whether I really enjoyed it or not we are back with Myne in a world without books.

I have a feeling that I didn’t really explain my misgivings of Myne in the last episode.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand or that I didn’t like her as a character but her predicament doesn’t just affect her and as she has taken over someone else’s life I just feel like her problems whilst a motivator for adventures shouldn’t outweigh the fact she’s taken over a little girls, a very loved little girls, body with a family that don’t need to be preached at or looked down on by a ADULT WOMAN in a child’s body.

She’s very selfish I guess is my problem.

On one hand she continues to be selfish in some ways that aren’t really that bad but things like having to create shampoo and just kind of the way she talks about it annoys me a little.

On the other she also gets proven wrong in some cases like when she was going on about how she could easily walk up and down the stairs and looking down on the help Myne’s OWN MOTHER tried to give her. She can’t make it down the stairs on her own.

She’s also a bit of a cow.

I get what she was meant to be saying when talking about her sisters hair after she washed it but the whole “she’s prettier now” just makes her sound like a total bitch.

I mean she’s just not a nice character at all.

She’s dismissive of the culture, she’s snobbish about the way she lives, she selfish above everything else and border line cruel to the parents who love THEIR CHILD.

We have yet been given any indication that she’s vegetarian or vegan in her other life so her looking down on people for slaughtering pigs to keep them alive through the winter is kind of disgusting honestly.

Thing is in a Slice of Life for me the main character is by far the most important character there is. With her being a grade A bitch to the entire family and world around her, bitch LITERALLY loved the food she looked down on her family for creating and instead of ever thinking to herself “oh maybe I was wrong and shouldn’t be such a bitch her first thought was “could do with seasoning”, it is hard to find the cute or nice part of the series or want to see her do well in anything.

Why would you want a nasty character like that getting her own way?

I get that she’s been transported here against her will and as a Bookworm I get that it must hurt to not have books BUT it is like her only motivating factor in life is books and she doesn’t care that she’s basically hijacked someone else’s life and could potentially ruin three other people’s lives.

I’m hoping she gets better at all this and actually comes to terms with the fact that not only is she Myne but her dad will want to father her and her mother probably knows best for her and that the world she in deserves to be loved and respected and not looked down on.

You can but hope.

2 thoughts on “Ascendance of a Bookworm : Life Improvements and Slates”

  1. I’m giving Bookworm one more episode to give me any reason to want to spend more time with this protagonist and at the end of episode three, if nothing has changed, I’m fairly sure I’m going to stop watching because it isn’t going to be enjoyable and there’s not going to be much else to say about each episode if it just plays the same basic notes over and over.

    1. Yeah I get that. I feel like they have missed a giant logical step that someone who honestly loved books would have loved to be in this world. They haven’t actually shown any kind of development with her either, she’s not thankful for having a second chance at life, she’s not mindful of the family and she doesn’t care for the world at all and instead of helping those around her who obviously love the body she took over and the girl that must now be in some ways dead she looks down on them. All the while the entire show is the same thing over and over, she moans about wanting books and is selfish enough to want her family to put their lives on hold so she can get a book or write a book. I’m really disappointed so far honestly.

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