Hataage! Kemono-Michi : Quest x Demon Beast Killer

Episode 2

Kuesuto to Majū koroshi” (クエスト × 魔獣殺し)

This was a very borderline show for me.

On one hand it was funny and had a wrestler on the other I wasn’t a fan of some of the jokes and worried where it would go. That being said the positives kind of outweighed the negatives so here I am with episode 2!

This episode was much more promising.

I like that Genzo is a big softy who loves animals, him going all heart eyes over a unicorn and taming a salamander were good moments and I liked that I didn’t feel uncomfortable with the jokes in this episode because they finally felt innocent enough that I wasn’t cringing and looking away all the time.

His relationship with Shigure needs a lot of work because at the moment they feel like two characters just there together at the same time instead of a team or friends.

Not that either character is a poorly written one the story just hasn’t really bonded them yet.

It was also a nice change of focus. We go back to him wanting a pet shop and doing quests in a non-harmful way so that he can obtain a pet shop, Shigure is sticking with him because she needs the money but seems to be coming to terms with everything he’s trying to do. Not only that but instead of just having actual animals he goes out and shows the same respect to Orcs when dealing with them, his fight to get them to stop stealing from the village was actually pretty amazing and I loved that he was able to come to friendly terms with them just by using his brute strength.

That being said…

Wrestlers aren’t actually super human and it is weird that a wrestler from our world is transported to another world and can withstand the impact of Orc punches UNLESS we’re saying that the beasts and humans of this world are much MUCH weaker then a normal human on our world.

Still it was fun.

We have a bit of a story going with a little reptile beast girl thing who has run away and obviously going to end up in the care of Genzo which will bring her mum? Sister? Carer? Whoever the woman was shouting about bringing her back into contact with him too. Maybe we’re seeing the setting up of the mid season big fight?

Who knows.

Above all else I really enjoyed the running gag of him beating up anyone who called him a beast killer, it will get old if it is used outside of this episode but it was used perfectly in this episode. In fact most of the comedy was played perfectly in this episode.

I just want the characters to connect a little.

Maybe also a explanation to the giant ant.

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