Fairy Gone 2 : Rain Sound’s Crime and White Snow’s Punishment

Episode 13

Amaoto no Tsumi to Shirayuki no Batsu” (雨音の罪と白雪の罰)

It feels like a long time since I watched the first series but then again it feels like there hasn’t been enough time for me.

Fairy Gone was a slight disappointment earlier in the year but for some reason I just keep coming back for more and more.

I mean it isn’t that surprising that the lives of Ray Dawn and Maryla are intertwined hence why Veronica hates him so much.

Once again I am reminded of my love for the first episode and how they seemingly got the story of Maryla out there without having to dwell on it. Then every episode seemed to have the same old same old when it came to Maryla and her story when all we needed was this episode and nothing else.

Maryla’s story didn’t ever need to be a mystery, nothing about this episode or her character or even Ray and Veronica’s character really meant we needed a separate episode to “understand” it they just needed to stop giving us snippets in depressing flashbacks, usually the same ones just slightly longer or joined together with something else, for the entire first season.

I just don’t really know what they gain by reiterating what we already know if I’m honest.

That being said it was a nice enough episode to get us back in the swing of things, kind of reintroduced the major players and the story if you could forget it, filled in some gaps and wasn’t all that bad.

Hopefully now we can carry on with all the cool stuff.

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