Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : You Said I’d Get a Do-Over in a New World

Episode 1

Shintenchi de Yarinaoshi tte Itta yo ne!” (新天地でやり直しって言ったよね!)

I feel we’ve been saying this a lot but we’re here once more with yet ANOTHER take on a person being transported to another world to live a different life…

This is another one that is very self aware and it also happens to be the most naturally funny show so far as well.

Thing is it did a lot of things that other shows struggle to do in more then just one episode.

It introduced four main characters giving each enough space to say enough and do enough that you get their general personalities and characters. Then it introduced the world and how it works without having to hold our hand through it all. At the same time the characters came together in a fun way and went on a adventure as well. Plus they explained the main characters predicament really well in a sweet and fast way.

I thought the comedy was done well. It was quick witted yet fun and innocent as well. Whilst there was a over the top reason for the villain of the episode to be doing what they are doing it didn’t even come close to the line that I personally have and instead was handled in a way that was funny yet felt harmless in a way.

Probably the difference between a deluded moron wanting a harem of young girls to pamper her and a dude pretty much sexually harassing animal people…

Not only that but the actual show is a mixture of some really, honestly breathtaking animation with a more sweet and fun style too. I like that when it got silly so did the animation but the backdrop of the story was astonishing. That glimpse into the slums was amazing.

Really like the episode.

Mile is actually a pretty fun character. Unlike Myne in Ascendance she honestly seemed happy to be where she was and go about her business, of course she seems to have been fully reincarnated and not just sent to another persons body but her wish was to be average and because she didn’t specify she wanted to be a average human she is somewhere between the very strongest CREATURE (the Elder Dragon) and weakest creature. She doesn’t sulk or anything about it and her reactions to it all just make me laugh.

The other three all seem fun too.

It just feels like it’ll be the feel good show of the season. I thought Ascendance might be but I’m worried the main character might honestly get on my nerves by being very selfish so this one is instantly making me feel like it’ll be my personal favourite.

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