Bem : Judgement

Episode 11

We have a trial.

In a series that makes little to no sense a trial seems to make as little sense as anything else.

I think we were meant to be looking at a show but it all became a bit icky. By far it was one of the better episodes that had anything to do with the world in general but it still had its glaringly big flaws.

That being said I’m gonna do the decent thing and overlook them for this episode because regardless of anything else it managed to do a lot of right too.

As I said the trial was a show, it wasn’t even really to convict Bem of anything but to prove that Humanoid Monsters are dangerous and therefore should be eliminated. That was quite literally what we were told the trial was for. So it fast become a show of faces we’ve seen before who want to tell us how awful Bem and the others are.

Daryl still believes Belo killed his father and therefore testifies about that, the Unseen Council then also manages to lure Belo to him too.

Dr Recycle is also there to tell the world how he’s researched them and within 30 years Humanoid Monsters will have taken over society.

Then Sonia came up and instead of actually stating any facts gave a speech about the wrongs of their world. It was nice but you felt like the character has gone from a bad ass who kept going on about everything she’s doing to someone who just wanted to give a big speech. She could have given more details, whether or not the judge cared is of little importance but the people would have, she could have said just about anything.

Plus one of the weirdest moments was when she was asked if that, as in the monster form of Bem, was a face she would kiss….

Now it was MEANT to be a question of whether she would walk the walk instead of just talk the talk and she had no come back for it.

Just say yes?

Like it was a question easily refuted and how powerful would it have been if she had said yes and kissed Bem?

It might not have been the version of Bem she was asked to kiss but at the same time she had the backup answer of, well you won’t let him free himself because that’ll prove he isn’t a bad guy and won’t hurt people so you need to keep him locked up and incarcerated the way you do so that people will be scared of him.

In other words it was a lot of steam for no actual reason.

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