Babylon : Revolution

Episode 3

Things are taking a even twister twist then we first thought.

Who knows where this road is going to lead us?

Well everything is turned on its head like you would expect.

If the show hadn’t wowed you before this I have to say if you aren’t moved by the ending to this episode I don’t know what you want from it.

I really liked the first episode because it was very realistic in some ways and that kind of has stayed with us. There is still a mystery in the background, politicians being politicians and all that jazz the only things that are starting to get a little out there is that Emiko is actually a woman named Ai Magase and she is all three women we currently know of being used by Ano.

As Nomaru was working for Itsuki to become Mayor to head a thing called the Shiniki Initiative which is meant to make their city the best in the world it therefore makes sense that Ai was in a room rented by someone working for Itsuki.

That and we were told that he was the one that brought her in and said to use her.

So we have a chameleon of some sorts that can make herself look and act like a completely different person.

That isn’t just it though!

She also turns out to be able to talk people into death. In fact it turns out not only did Inaba and Fumio commit suicide happily but Okuda in this episode joins a bunch of other people in taking their lives happily too.

Now this isn’t totally sci-fi, out there bull crap. Even if there might not be a drug for it yet there is the possibility of a drug that will make someone do what you want them to do and we see every day people who are good at twisting others around their little fingers. People have literally blamed other people for talking them into doing things that they wouldn’t otherwise do and whilst we can say it is a cop out for them there is a small truth in the fact that maybe someone could?

I think I’m rambling mainly because there is so much to unravel.

Seeing the 60 people stood on the side of the building happily awaiting their death was creepy in that really good way this show has done creepy so far. Having that speech by Itsuki explaining how death is the new fire in human evolution was horrifying and trying to figure out what that means going forward is mind boggling.

Does this mean he’s going to suddenly start killing random people?

They possibly have a drug that sends people to sleep never to wake again. Could that be something he’s going to use?

Have they moved on from that and managed to make the drug I was talking about up above where they put them to sleep but they are susceptible for being ordered around?

I have no idea but I can’t wait to see what happens next, this show has gone from strength to strength in its first three episodes and it has me absolutely hooked on the story now. I really want to see how this one ends up playing out, who is doing what and how they are doing it.

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