Anime Highlights Week 39

30th September – 6th October 2019

We have new anime, we have old anime, we have anime coming out of our ears! Welcome to last weeks highlights which we didn’t do because I went back to work and oh my goodness did that kick my butt.

Not that late though so don’t hate me too much!

A Heroic Past?

Well ancestry that is I guess.

Turns out good old Askeladd is a thing of legends! Well no, his family are descendants of Artorius and he himself is here apparently to help Wales. Whether that is true or not who knows because I find it hard to believe much of what Askeladd says but there is something about his story that leads me to believe he really does want to use Canute to broker a deal between the Danes and Wales so that Wales can live in peace next to a Viking lead England.

I was waiting for Thorfinn to do something heroic and show himself the son of Thors but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out the title of the episode referred to Askeladd and we finally get to see a completely different side to one of the best characters of the year.

Good on you Askeladd for being the son of a woman who was kidnapped and got sick and nearly died so you carried her back to Wales.


So after healing, after going back and telling the others that Senku is dead Gen is back for his cola just he doesn’t mind waiting and actually helps.

I love Mentalists.

In Discworld it is called Headology and has always been something I have been fascinated with thanks to Terry Pratchett so having someone who is so good at it in Dr. Stone makes me so happy specially as he plays well off of Senku.

Well he would wouldn’t he?

They both come from the same period and will be fully aware of the attitudes of their time so they bounce well.

Not just that it is really fun to see all these things coming together. They kept saying it was team work and it really is, science is all about working as a team to figure things out and whilst this was a little more then that it was just fantastic to see it all come together.


Also Fairy Gone… Is Back not gone.

Luc was kind of all over the place with Fairy Gone. There were good concepts, bad concepts. Stories that didn’t work, stories that worked wonders and from what I remember the finale or at least what lead up to the finale was actually pretty amazing.

Well its back and explaining stuff that didn’t need to be reexplained.


So The Hero is Invincible starts off with the hero Seiya getting to know the world he’s just popped into and by getting to know it I mean he spent most of it being cautious, because that is who he is, and then obliterated even the mere thought of a Slime that passed him by.

Honestly it as the most funny thing ever, the guy went BESERK making sure that the Slime had 100% been destroyed, attack after attack.

Unfortunately it also lead someone higher level who wants to kill him to the scene of his Slime murder but he ran away.

I hope Chaos Machinia gets him as good as he got that Slime!


So in a sweet little show called After School Dice Club the main characters Miki, Aya and Midori all end up sitting down to play the Board Game Marrakech.

It is a very real board game that looks a ton of fun that was lovingly explained and animated in the show.

This game formed the basis of the three main characters bonding and deciding that they want to be able to play games together again but it was just a wonderful little episode that I really enjoyed. Absolutely sold me and stole my heart in the first episode.

Also made me want to blow £40 on a board game I might never play.


There was only one moment that made me laugh and not in a good way in High School Prodigies and whilst Luc kinda liked it I can’t get over the fact that…

Lyrule fed Tsukasa like a baby bird.

He also didn’t seem to care that she was doing this to make him feel better (apparently) and within moments of knowing each other they are literally swapping spit… And bits of meat.

Not to say I hated it or anything it just honestly made me want to roll over and die of laughter.

How is that romantic?!

They even had a spit trail… Oh my what a moment in your very first episode!

Personal Attack ¬_¬

Anyone else felt like This Hero is Invincible was a personal attack on their JRPG playing skills?

Yeah it won’t surprise you guys I’m the kind of player who stocks up on Potions, Pokeballs, Antidotes, Phoenix Downs and all the rest whenever I start up a game. Nothing like going into battle with 99 High Potions up your sleeve just in case.

I’m also the kind of person who won’t use a really good item until the last boss, even then I’m WELL aware of Japanese gaming culture which means the final boss isn’t really a “final” boss and you don’t really know which of the 20 thousands versions of that boss is going to be THE final boss so better keep hold of all my items just in case.

Obviously This Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” is a friendly poke at people like me who enter into my gaming world with all the caution in the world.

Heck I watched about 12 people playing Terraria just to get a good idea that I needed to start in a easy world, make worlds just to farm trees before even attempting to go into a harder world and even then I spent about 10 hours before I even THOUGHT about facing ANY boss.


Unless you recklessly are destroying the very essence of a harmless Slime who only deserved a quick and decent slicing to be gone.

Suplex City!

There is nothing else you can say.

After being transported to another world (and being a pervert to animals) it turns out that Kemono Michi’s main character likes to do a bit of a Brock Lesnar on anyone willing to harm or upset animals…

Or Beastmen…

Or animal people…

Regardless of who that person is.

Language Barrier

One thing I totally love about Vinland Saga is that whilst we get everything in Japanese the characters themselves remind us that there is a language barrier.

In this episode a few times Askeladd ends up talking in Welsh which leaves his group completely incapable of understanding what is happening and it isn’t the first time that people from different nations haven’t been able to understand each other.

It is easy to forget that they are all from different places, the Danes are invading England and no one really knows how to speak more then their own language so it is always nice to be reminded of that fact.

Funnily High School Prodigies is the only “transported to another world” anime we’ve watched that actually asks the question of why the heck the people in another world talk Japanese.

I mean it doesn’t really go very far and we’re just going to have to get over the fact that Japanese and Altan are the same but still at least it ASKED!

Ascendance of a Bookworm did it a little different, the main character’s consciousness seemed to have been transferred to a little girl called Myne and I liked that at first she didn’t understand what the mother had said but then it kind of came to her as her mind and surroundings seem to come together.

Actually I REALLY liked how they did it in that show, like she slowly started to get used to the two people in her head and it just made sense. You didn’t have to over think it, it was just so simple and over in like moments.

New OPs!

So Vinland Saga has started the second part of their season off with a brilliant new OP which introduces a little bit more of a Welsh feel to it whilst also highlighting just who, seemingly, is going to be of importance in this half of the season.

Just as dramatic and Viking like as the first but with a little bit more of a twist to it. I really loved it.

As for Dr. Stone it isn’t that bad to be honest, I mean neither has been fantastic or anything but it suits the show and isn’t too bad. I liked it.

Then the new shows come in!

I quite like The Hero is Invincible’s OP, it had a lot of good animation to it and was very cheerful too. As a comedy show it suited it well but honestly was a little forgettable. Still it kind of really fit the show after watching the first episode and I truly enjoyed it.

Then we had Ascendance of a Bookworm and oh my did I love it to death!

It was so cute and instantly made me love the show. I had already decided on the header image but the opening had so many different ones that I would have used it was ridiculous how cute and lovely it is.

2 thoughts on “Anime Highlights Week 39”

  1. I’m hearing you on stocking up on potions in final fantasy games. The number of power ups and variations some bosses go through before they die mean you need all the just in case potions, just in case. Nothing worse than fighting a boss for nearly 30 minutes to get KO’d right before the end of the fight.

    1. I know it is so frustrating. I get so grumpy when I feel I HAVE to use something before the final boss. I’m also one of those people who as soon as I get to the first open space spawning enemies will sit there for like a hour leveling up so I’m over leveled the entire game.

      Honestly that show is going to upset me so much (in a good way) as I’m just him playing games!

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