The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : Too Much for a Novice Goddess to Bear

Episode 2

Shinmai megami ni wa ni ga omosugiru” (新米女神には荷が重すぎる)

I said this felt like the show I wanted Reincarnated as a Slime to be was I right or was I wrong?!

At the moment I feel like I’m right.

Personally I feel like the entire episode was handled really well. Their escape, the training, building drama for their return, the fight and then the over the top comedy to end the show on.

It really helped develop Seiya as a character, yes he’s overly cautious that is a given but he’s also not the nicest of people either. He doesn’t really take any crap from Rista and in a way he’s kind of looking at it like a game, there is no bad ending for him and whilst he is heroic in so much as he wanted to make sure he was a high enough level to defeat Chaos Machina and therefore save everyone he treats those he then saved like they should be giving him things and doing things for him.

To be honest with you it is nice to have a main character that isn’t nice.

There is room for him to grow as a human but the comedy is in him being a pig and Rista getting fed up of him.

Talking of Rista she also continued to be a really fun character to spend time with.

Sure she’s over the top and in some ways a Goddess playing a game herself but her emotions when she saw what was happening in the village whilst they were training was heartbreaking and actually such a big development spot for her because she’s gone from this one dimensional funny character to a character with many layers and it just so happens that on the outside she’s a bit of a fruit loop.

Talking of what was happening in the village I really enjoyed the fact that even though this is a comedy they don’t just stick to comedy. Whilst there was nothing graphic shown in the show we did kind of see someone being beheaded and it was really hard to watch as Nina and her father were picked out as the next two victims to be killed if Seiya didn’t show up.

Then again the fight scene was spectacular as well.

Him being overly cautious isn’t going to be a problem, the jokes might become samey very fast if he doesn’t get a new thing to do but not to the point that it’ll ruin the show or anything if they carried on with the “he burns every last shred of his opponent” joke or him wanting to return to train after everything he does.

Not really sure there is anything that could be a problem so far.

Nice characters, great setting and some good paced episodes with a story that isn’t the best but isn’t by any means poor.

Good second episode.

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