The Anxiety Experiment #3 : Bear With Me Episode 2 Part 2

We still haven’t finished Episode 2 mainly down to time constraints, some down to me not finding a item I needed and a lot down to my internet/Streamlabs/Whatever playing up…


It is starting to get disheartening though.

I don’t know if it actually is the internet, whether the bad weather is playing its part or Streamlabs just hates me… My laptop has been pretty sick recently so that might be a reason or it could be that I went downstairs after to check on my router to find that someone had piled a load of DVD boxes right in front of it.

Whatever it is my stream went fine for about 30 minutes then cut out, went well for another 10 then cut out. In the end, as the YouTube video shows because I just decided the entire experience needs to be shared, there is a huge time where it didn’t just cut out but stayed cut out for absolutely ages.

It is annoying because whilst I still sound like a pillock and feel super uncomfortable I was at least trying to sound engaging on the passing chance that someone would pop in.

Thing is as I kind of said at the beginning of the video this week has been pretty bad for me. Not like terrible or anything but weird. First up was Monday’s stream which had the same issues as tonight’s. That led to me just not wanting to do anything and potatoing out in front of my laptop to watch YouTube. Tuesday and Wednesday I felt so bad doing nothing after the stream that I went ahead and with Luc reviewed 9 of the new anime from this season, caught up with all the ones we needed to from last season and even started on some episode 2s and 3s.

Like we have last weeks anime highlight blog coming out tomorrow.


When has something like that happened?!

They are usually all about 20 weeks late.

I wanted to stream today really badly but it ended up that the house was noisy up until 5pm, then someone else was coming home at 6pm so I only had a hour to stream in.

Would I have finished the game in a hour without the technical difficulties?

Honestly probably not but I would have felt much better.

Other problems I’ve had this week is waking up at 1:30am every day then going back to sleep and having seriously vivid dreams about work which make me nervous and uncomfortable at work as well as the lead up to workmen once more apparently coming to our house tomorrow to sort our windows out.

I just can’t seem to catch a break.

Kind of hoping that when I get home tomorrow I can convince everyone that is home to leave me alone, stay downstairs and let me have some time at about 12pm to just run through the end of the game. I’m getting to the point where I just want the game to be over, I’m no longer enjoying playing the game because of the stress of things going wrong and kind of want to end it ASAP so I can just stream some Stardew Valley or something for a few days before starting Sally Face.

Honestly I was watching someone else play Stardew Valley the other day and talking to a friend about maybe starting a farm up with them to play at some point and now just really want to play Stardew Valley because I’m a huge loser who loves that game too much.

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