Parasyte ~ The Maxim : What Mad Universe

Episode 10

Hakkyō-shita Uchū” (発狂した宇宙)

Poor Yuko has herself trapped in a room with a angry Hideo after she figured out just what he is.

What a brave and smart young girl.

Actually it was a lot better then I thought it would be.

It was really interesting that the paint thinner actually reacted with him, she had put it in reach just in case but by dousing him in it she saved herself… Yet unfortunately killed many others.

Probably the bloodiest of episodes so far if I’m honest with you and one of the saddest.

Happy that Yuko is safe though because it was nice to have someone figure it out, OK there could have been more leading up to her figuring it out but having someone who just kind of got a feeling and then used her brain and her connection to someone who knew of the Parasyte’s was a interesting way of diversifying the characters in play at the time.

I thought she would have been put in danger by trying to date him so it was a nice change of pace it was because she was freakin’ smart as hell.

Nothing really happened in the episode though, most of it followed Shinichi as he first tried to find Hideo then tried to find Satomi who had been trapped in the school, because of course she would be, and then finding a way to defeat him. It didn’t really go into anything important about his change or anything even though there was a moment where his actual nature hit back after seeing the dead bodies of his classmates on the floor but other then that he seemed to have calmed his mind and gone even further into being a Parasyte then before.

At the moment because she was saved by him it looks like Satomi has given up on figuring out what is wrong with Shinichi too which only leaves Migi to actually steer that whole story point now.

I kind of like how we branched away from Shinichi and saw what the adults were doing.

Like it came off a conversation where Shinichi just didn’t get why they wouldn’t just announce that there were Parasyte’s living among us, like that wouldn’t start panic and end up with people randomly killing each other because who knew who was a Parasyte.

What is interesting is that they seem to have figured out bits and pieces about the Parasyte from the dead body they have and kind of implemented in society a, as Shinichi put it, new handshake by getting people to pull their hair out to prove they aren’t infected.

Or at least that is what the point is but I don’t know what the actual reasoning or what they should do if they do find someone with violent hair is but that is what happens.

I guess going forward it is kind of a war but there seems to be different paths.

Whilst outside of our bubble the governments and the like need to sort this out we ourselves are on a personal journey with Shinichi. Not only is he changing but he’s also got to work with Migi who seems to have gained a little of Shinichi, maybe not but it looked that way to me.

When Shinichi announced that they themselves should go and kill the Parasyte’s Migi seemed reluctant asking him to turn the tables on the situation and how he would feel if Migi asked him to wipe out humanity.

Unlike before when Shinichi would make a stand for humanity he didn’t and Migi pointed out I think to us by talking to himself that it pains Shinichi to think about it.

Whilst it is still horrific and I can see many more fights with Parasyte’s down the line there is a kind of moral story starting to take shape.

I really like where it is going.

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