Dr. Stone : Master of Flame

Episode 14

It looks like Kinro has everything at hand, with Kohaku no where to be seen and both sides trying to play dirty surely he has Ruri’s hand won already?

As I said in the last episode I wasn’t expecting it to be as easy and unfortunately Kinro’s law abiding personality means that he turned his back on Magma and ended up losing in the most brutal of ways.

Cheaters never prosper…

The amount that Team Science tried to cheat it makes sense that none of their plan went their way.

Then again in a way it went even better.

With Kinro out, Ginro messes himself up with caffeine and Senku was only ever in the tournament to help wear others out and give friends a free pass it all lands on Chromes shoulders which is nice.

One of my favourite scenes of the series was him talking to Kohaku, both of them realising that they had the same goal in mind and that neither cared how they got to it as long as Ruri was alive and well. The little joke that they should get married as well as the times that Kohaku has apologised to Chrome that Kinro or Ginro would have to marry her sister were just touching so for Chrome to end up being the hero was something I wasn’t expecting.

I kind of was expecting it to be Kinro vs Magma in the final and something like last episode happening leaving Kinro to marry Ruri but something else happening and it just not being that anymore you know?

Like Senku is there to change the world and I just don’t think it would have stuck.

Seeing Ruri and Chrome being allowed to get together when we’ve been built to believe this is what both want is actually the best feel good moment in 2019 in anything for me. Like I’m neither a giant fan of Chrome or even that sappy to care about romance too much but even I had a smile on my face when it became obvious he would win.

Of course it also meant bringing back Gen so that going forward the Kingdom of Science is totally together and after the cure all is created we can go about the real business of bringing cola to the world.

I mean lets face it post nuclear Fall Out games have cola so these guys not having cola is probably the biggest slap in the face of science there is.

If cola can survive a nuclear bomb it needs to be in a post petrification world too.

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