Bem : Betrayal

Episode 10

FINALLY a semi-interesting episode even if it is way too late to be having this kind of stuff going on.

Also something I guess I never mentioned is the use of music which… To be fair this series has a good soundtrack at times.

Finally we get to see who is behind all of this and it turns out to be female Cell.

Yes a Humanoid Monster is controlling everything but that doesn’t really explain much. Her story was interesting but again it just leaps from one thing to the other with no connecting story. Last we saw Harazy we were told people were experimenting on her and the guy with her was trying to protect her and the council took her back…

Now sure Vega is the leader of everything BUT if Harazy cared about Vega then why run away? Why not stick with Vega?

There needed to be a connecting thing and it would have been nice for Harazy to recognise Bela’s voice and react to it, you know because that was a important story not that long ago and actually one of the better episodes.

See this is the thing.

There is one huge mystery going on, there are a few different stories being told but the show is at its best when it is just stand alone episodes exploring humanity and the groups decision to become human. Seeing them interacting with humans, seeing them see the dark side and the good side and coming to terms with what life as a human is like.

When the mystery and the council and all of this stuff comes together it isn’t, and has never been, satisfying because they never join the bits up properly together.

Like Dr Recycle is approached to help the police.



Suddenly he pops up and turns Sonia’s boss into a chainsaw maniac that dies within moments.


He wasn’t a threat, he was destroyed by Bem in mere seconds, nothing was truly built up nothing was a real danger.

It is just a constant stream of things happening for what feels like the sake of it. Nothing sticks together, nothing gets explained, when things do get explained it is in long strings of dialogue because we can’t learn anything. Important things are swept under the carpet whilst boring things continue, characters seem to just be there for the sake of being there…

Nothing makes sense.

Yet at least this episode looked like it tried to make a decent attempt at sorting the cesspit the rest of the series has been.

It nearly did it too.

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