Babylon : Target

Episode 2

With all the fast paced action and drama of the first episode it is hard to see how the second one will keep up the pace and be just as dramatic as the opener.

In a way it wasn’t and it didn’t need to be.

This episode made my skin crawl off my bones.

We finally meet one of the women that Ano is prostituting out, Emiko Hiramatsu. Whilst the woman that Fumio followed looked pretty normal, Emiko honestly creeped me out big time. It wasn’t even her animation but the way she talked and the way she kind of treated it like a game. I get that they also made her kind of creepy with the way her lower face was drawn and animated but that didn’t bother me as much as she did in general with the way she acted.

I don’t think they really got anything from her, their main goal was to prove that she was being used as a prostitute to garner favors in the election.

Problem is there is a much bigger problem going on.

The second woman is actually in a room rented by one of Nomaru’s opponents and whilst Ano giving three random guys a prostitute to bring them to Nomaru’s side full makes sense that one tidbit doesn’t but they also know it is too dangerous to go after her seeing that Fumio did and was killed for doing so.

Not really sure if I buy her just being able to walk out of a official building like that without help but maybe how the episode ended gives us the actual way she did.

It turns out that whilst Seizaki’s boss seems to be on his side he either is doing so knowing full well that Seizaki needs to come up against Nomaru or he’s on Nomaru’s side and just thought he’d let his investigator do as he wanted and then shoot him down at the last second. Him being in Nomaru’s pocket will account for Emiko getting out of the building easily but why not just shut it down from the beginning?

Not only this, to gain her statement Seizaki had to tell her about himself and as she mentioned child murder in her speech/questions I’m very sure there is a hidden threat in there.

It is a really beautifully animated series, I don’t think I mentioned that in the last review. It is wonderful to watch and I am really getting engrossed in pretty much everything that is happening.

We started to see cracks in Seizaki’s armour as he slowly lost his temper with Emiko but I kind of like his friend Hanta and the police officer Kujiin.

They both play smaller parts in the episodes but I like both what they bring to the show as well as their interactions with Seizaki. It is nice to see he has two people on his side but whilst there is nothing fun about the series it was fun in a way for me to see how they went about spying on Emiko and Ano.

Watching the case fall into place is so much fun for me.

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