Ascendance of a Bookworm : A World Without Books

Episode 1

 “Hon no nai sekai” (本のない世界)

It has been too long since I did a Slice of Life anime, I do love a good Slice of Life and what better type to watch then one about a bookworm?!

First up I really have missed just the innocent sweetness of Slice of Life shows. The genre in general is usually my favourite and I don’t know why I haven’t watched more like this recently.

Ascendance of a Bookworm has everything I love yet at the same time has a problematic main character whose path in this story might actually be much more interesting then I would have thought. At the moment she’s borderline ungrateful and annoying but not in the “man I hate her” way in this kind of childish selfish way.

Urano is reincarnated as a girl called Myne in a totally different world. She was a bookworm who just got her dream job and now lives in a world as a child with no books.

Well not no books, books are only for the rich nobles.

Whilst I guess there must be a getting used to it period we don’t really see that, we hear about how uncomfortable it makes her and see her not really attempting to live the new life she’s been given. She’s obsessed with books which I get, being a bookworm myself it is a hard thing to think about living without.

That being said Urano is dead and there seems to be no, as of yet, coming to terms with the fact she’s taken over someone else’s life.

Someone who obviously is frail, loves her family and her family love her.

In fact when she was told only nobles could afford books, and with the opening when she’s obviously with a noble, I was afraid her plan of action was going to be to ditch her family to find a noble family to look after her and give her books. Her deciding to make books herself is a good path and it obviously leads her to a noble of sorts but I also feel real sorry for the family.

Kind of hoping that comes into play.

Like I don’t think it’ll make me dislike the series but I will be very unhappy if the fact that she’s taken over a little girls body and might end up depriving her family of their child to go on her own path isn’t taken into consideration. I’m all for a fun adventure and Myne bringing books to the poor or something like that but if Urano takes over and Myne is lost to her family I dunno.

It is the first episode though so I think I’m looking way too much into what the character might or might not want. We’ll wait and see.

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