Anime Highlights Week 38

23 – 29th September 2019

From boring Princes to saving Princess. Another week in Anime begins.

Just so you know there are some shows from this season that we hadn’t seen start before now which probably had episodes in the last two highlight blogs but we’ll just put all their episodes into this one and next weeks so that they do get covered.

The Boring Prince of Denmark

So we swapped out Thorkell for Canute and what we got was a look at a innocent child that is meant to grow up to be King of the Danes, King of England possibly yet… He can’t even answer back when someone asks him something.

I did like that the Welsh dude didn’t give two fs about whatever he whispered to Ragnar and instead decided he would ask him again later because even I was a bit pissed that he decided to try and talk through his aid instead of talking to someone who had asked him something directly.

His story might be one of growth into the man he needs to be but right now he’s just a pain because I WANT THORKELL!

“This is the work of a Humanoid Monster”…

We finally get to see the true face of the monster in Bem and that is the council themselves as the dude in charge of the investigation to capture Bem starts to kill innocent bystanders with the catchphrase “This is the work of the Humanoid Monster” because of course it would be!

Bem hasn’t done anything wrong, they don’t need proof all they need is to drum it into people’s heads that this actual Monster is a Monster that is doing this horrible thing to the world around him.

Of course it isn’t Bem that is doing it but those in power hold the press and therefore all the press are going to hear is that this is all Bem’s fault.

A new improved Melonhead!

So I’ve been DYING for Senku to find out that Kinro has fuzzy eyes and it just hasn’t happened. Obviously Ginro kept his promise to his brother and never told anyone that he has the fuzzy eyes but it just hurt knowing that Kinro could be the absolute best if he could see.

It made his fight with Magma even more terrifying and the moment that Suika realised that he had fuzzy eyes and threw her helmet to him even better.

Such a good moment.

Plus Kinro looked super bad ass as a melon head.

Death of the Lower Five…

So Demon Slayer had happy moments in its finale but it also had a wonderfully deadly scene where Kibutsuji gets so fed up of how week his Twelve are that he basically destroys all but one.

He leaves the one that seems most happy to see others suffer in the hope that he will be the one to bring down Tanjiro.

The scene itself was horrific.

In a distorted space that is under the control of someone playing a biwa, when the deaths start to happen rivers of it just flowed everywhere. It was honestly super creepy but such a good showing of just how little Muzan cares about even his own people.

On the other hand…

To show the other side of the coin we had a wonderful goodbye to many people from Tanjiro and co.

They finally have somewhat conquered their biggest challenge of learning Total Concentration Breathing Constant and are on their way to help Rengoku the Flame Pillar on the Infinite Train.

It was such a feel good end to the series and a feel good end to a episode that showed the darkest side of that world. Zenitsu being told off by the three girls, Inosuke being Inosuke, Tanjiro deciding for Kanao that she should follow her heart and not her coin and even saying goodbye to Giyu who still doesn’t talk much but cares deeply it seems.

Everything about Tanjiro’s side to the episode was everything you could ever love about the show, specially when they all got to the train and both Tanjiro and Inosuke had no idea what it was.

No connections EVER!

Once more I feel the need to complain about Bem and the lack of connecting points it has between just about everything.

At no point do they try to connect one thing to the other, in fact it is constantly throwing characters at us and mixing them up in a pot and coming out with whatever grouping they want of those characters because they just can.

With a all powerful Humanoid Monster in charge of the entire world who is going to ask questions?

Well I am because I’m sick and tired of this series and its bullshit way of just throwing things at the wall and hoping that we like the pattern it made on the floor because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stuck to the wall.

Why is Harazy with Vega?

Why haven’t we had a little more about the Doctor and his standing in the community?

Who is the actual bad guy of this season?

What was the point of having the Unseen Council AND the Doctor when neither are truly connected?

Why didn’t Harazy react to Bela’s voice?

What the hell is happening to Daryl?

Whilst one of those things probably will be explained later, that being Daryl, the rest is just over looks that make you not so much scratch your head in confusion but as I put it on twitter make you want to rip your eyes out in frustration.

Real proper bad guys!

One thing I have to hand to most of the shows this week they showed off their bad guys really well.

Don’t we just have some wonderful bad guys?

Even though it was a finale we got Muzan appearing and just killing everyone, even though he doesn’t do anything the threat of Thorkell is always alive and even Magma and his henchman, whilst a different kind of threat, are just proper horrible characters that you have to hate because there is no redeemable quality to them.

Most shows just had a fantastic line up of really horrible, downright nasty and deadly foes for the heroes to fight against in whatever way it is they do it.

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