The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : The Hero is Too Cautious

Episode 1

Kono yūsha ga gōmansugiru” (この勇者が傲慢すぎる)

We are starting off the new season as always a little late but not too late we hope!

This time we start with a comedy about a overly cautious Hero which lets face it when you play a JRPG normal everyone is a overly cautious Hero.

I really liked the first episode.

Rista didn’t annoy me as much as I thought she would when I saw her put a bit of chalk into her boobs, she really worked as a ridiculous Goddess with a hopeless Hero. The chemistry between the two main characters is hilarious as in she’s a chemical mess ready to explode and he has no character other then being Mr I Need A Week To Prepare…

For a start the comedy was very much the fabric of the episode but it didn’t take away from the adventure side of it which seems to be interesting and whilst the female characters look every bit as ridiculous as I guess you’d expect from this they weren’t “Lucky Lechery” levels of ridiculous or whatever her name from Reincarnated as a Slime levels of annoying.

Not much really happened other then to show the absurd levels of cautiousness we’re dealing with.

As I said above Seiya doesn’t really have much of a character. He’s suspicious of everyone and everything and needs to be triple prepared for any eventuality. It makes him interesting to watch because you never know what he’ll do and him giving us a running commentary on his inner most worries is hilarious but right now there isn’t much more to him.

Rista is actually pretty interesting.

I really loved her going all drooly over Seiya, hearing the Sexy made me cry with laughter but she’s also a good navigator for us. Whilst we don’t know much about the world she is able to explain what we need to know whether or not Seiya cares and her inner dialogue, which is a actual inner dialogue, is entertaining. Looking at her I didn’t think I’d like her, I thought she’d be over the top and annoying but she worked specially with Seiya balancing her out.

Plus seeing her lose her shit over the things that he does is going to be the most fun.

It was a simple first episode that explained everything we needed to know and set them down in a adventure.

Not sure how I feel that one of it seems four big bad guys (well five as they have a master) has already shown up but it was interesting to see how Seiya reacted. The fact he ran away whilst in character was also just a interesting difference.

Which actually brings me to a point I nearly forgot.

The show is self aware of it being THAT genre.

You know the one, person from our timeline being thrown into a gaming world type thing. There are plenty of nudges about it, jokes about it and all sorts. I mean heck Rista says shes picking someone from Japan because that is a popular story type right now. That really interested me because it means that it obviously is going to be able to take the piss out of its own genre very easily too, it already basically has.

I feel like this is going to be the show I wished Reincarnated as a Slime was.

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