The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : Prophets Don’t Know Everything

Episode 8

I know it is frustrating that I don’t get them out every day but I’m back with Episode 8 of The Dark Crystal.

Aughra has just seen the entire Stonewood Gelfling clan being enslaved while Brea is kidnapped by skekMal.

I mean at this point all we have left to do is set up for the finale really.

We know all the pieces that we need and all the players as well. Now all we need is to start getting people into place for the last fight.

That is pretty much what happens.

We learn exactly what Seladon believes she’s going to do, we see the Chamberlain once more plotting and this time actually managing to get away with his plot and we see Deet and Rian head in the right direction instead of fall for the trap left by skekMal.

Also I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much as I did for the death of a tree then I did tonight.

I liked the much darker episode after a entire episode of fun and games with skekGra, even if it ended in a horrible way, and was also nice to see the three sisters back together even if Seladon is still crazy as hell even after everything she thought was a lie ended up being the truth.

In fact Seladon’s meeting with the Skeksis wasn’t uncomfortable or upsetting because they were obviously going to kill her and everyone else but because she just dug her heels in even further lashing out once more at just about everyone and everything she could.

Whilst she could have helped the others the path that they’ve landed on was going to be the path they were forced on no matter what. Seeing her ready to throw Gelflings to the Skeksis, thinking she had divine right to pick and choose who would die for some sort of peace just made me super sad.

Not angry.

Just sad.

Unfortunately for the Skeksis them thinking of themselves as being invincible could have ended up being the downfall. They treat everyone under them like they just won’t ever figure anything out and if the world was just a little different these guys could have outsmarted the Skeksis.

I’m just still very sad.

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