Parasyte ~ The Maxim : Beyond Good and Evil

Episode 9

Zen’aku no Higan” (善悪の彼岸)

Kana might be in some trouble as it seems that Hideo still isn’t too happy with the fact she can obviously sense the Parasytes. That being said Hideo might want to be careful because he’s got Yuko now following him around too.

This isn’t even a Shinichi episode really.

I was really surprised that it took this small amount of time for Yuko to bust open what is happening, I mean it helps that her brother is a police sketch artist so she was able in some ways to put it all together with what he told her.

Actually was a nice twist in the story that it followed someone who up to this point had been a background character.

That being said we did still get to see the slow demise of Shinichi from human to Parasyte Lite. Migi now explains that he is basically turning more like them, even just listening to him talk to Hideo it becomes really obvious that he is more like them then he is human now.

I guess it is super interesting having another Parasyte around Shinichi the only problem is that it seemed he’s been here for two seconds and someone has stumbled on his secret and Shinichi himself has been bothering him the entire time so we never really got to know him or see Shinichi maybe learn a little about himself by talking to him.

Either way it looks like they are going to have to fight it out now else Yuko will die.

Again I really like that Yuko figured it out and some of the other background characters are being fleshed out, specially as I just genuinely liked Yuko for no reason.

It is also very interesting that the world is being fleshed out a little, it turns out the government seems to know more about these Parasyte’s then they let on.

Or should I say they’ve realised they have a problem but haven’t told the world that they have a problem yet. Knowing that they know they are here leads us to wonder where the series is going to go, with Hideo now losing his cool in the school and Shinichi losing his in the classroom and a fight no doubt about to break out is the world of the Parasyte’s about to be blown wide open?

Will Shinichi be able to survive?

I mean I don’t know what is going to happen but I do think it will be fun in a way to see how Satomi and his father react to finding out that Shinichi is one of them.

Like his father has been traumatised enough and will anyone ever believe that he’s really still Shinichi when he’s got one of them in him? Specially as after his incident he’s turning more and more like them by the day.

With him throwing dead puppies in the bin and shouting at the girl of his dreams who he could barely talk to before all this I don’t think he’s going to garner much sympathy.

Maybe he will.

He might not even be outed at all during the season. I don’t know. I’m speculating.

I love Yuko.

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