High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : High School Prodigies Have Arrived in Another World!

Episode 1

Chōjin kōkōseitachi wa isekai ni kiteshimatta yōdesu!” (超人高校生たちは異世界に来てしまったようです!)

As this season looks to be the season of long titles I’ve been told I have to watch a near on straight up comedy and not just go with all the cool drama, science fiction and mystery things.

So here I am about to review a series about High School Prodigies who have been transported to another world. Like there isn’t enough anime about this kind of thing already…

Honestly this first episode didn’t really show off much of the comedy aspect, there was one moment that I wasn’t too sure about but other than that I think it was a pretty fun episode.

We don’t really know much about the world as of yet or the kind of trouble that the seven Prodigies will get into by being pretty full of themselves but at the moment they seem to want to help the people who have helped them which is nice.

It doesn’t seem like the usual kind of “sent to another world” kind of fare even if it does mention a story about seven heroes at the moment it looks more like they are going to build a economy using what they can bring from their own world into this primitive world. So far they brought mayo which made me laugh seeing that was the first thing I would think Anna would bring to a new world if she could figure out how to make it but other then that they are just getting started.

Characters all seem nice enough, there were too many to really get a handle of them all and whilst we got to know Tsukasa quite a bit he’s a politician so was rather cold and calculating. He doesn’t seem like a bad person he just didn’t really react emotionally, actually the only one who seemed to was Akatsuki who didn’t seem to be able to cope with this new world then suddenly snapped out of it and was fine.

Lots of room to impress me and honestly I think it will.

At least a handful of characters must end up standing out and by the end credits it looks like there are some interesting characters yet to be introduced.

We’ll see.

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