Dr. Stone : Masked Warrior

Episode 13

Kamen no Senshi” (仮面の戦士)

Finally not only is the actual drug nearly ready but we’re going to see the Grand Bout which I was really looking forward too a few episodes ago.

In the normal kind of way that these things happen we got Kinro vs Magma in the very first match and acknowledgement that Kinro is actually probably the strongest person in the village other then Kohaku who has been tricked to go find Suika so that she has to drop out of the competition.

It was a episode that left it to the last minute to build up to the fight and gave us a fantastic ending with Kinro standing strong over Magma giving us the proof that he can be defeated.

As always I really enjoyed the episode.

Starting out with the science and slowly getting into the fighting was interesting, seeing Senku step foot into the village for the first time and a idea of the time frame since he arrived were nice touches, it is also now obvious that Senku has had stories passed down about him as the Priestess seems to know who he is meaning that someone he kind of maybe knew has to have awoken before him and created this village as I doubt that anyone else has come to the village and told the Priestess and ONLY the Priestess his name.

That in itself is proof enough that they are going to win in the long run because now there is a secret that can’t be just swept under the rug.

Honestly though I’m rather confused over the Priestess role.

No one seems to actually listen to her. She’s meant to pass on all the stories and stuff but no one seemed to care that she actually really wanted to talk to Senku for a actual reason. They let her wander off and then got annoyed when Senku approached her without ever wondering why she was approaching him in the first place.

It just seemed odd.

Really loved the conclusion of the episode with Suika figuring out about Kinro’s eyesight but just knocking someone down doesn’t seem to be enough to end a fight so I’m not getting too excited about Kinro winning right now. I mean he was on the floor not long before and wasn’t counted out or anything so we have to wait and see in the next episode.

Also really loved the two morons making all the stuff for the drug. Also love that they are ALL in the competition as well.

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