Bem : Falling

Episode 9

This series has been mixed.

Mixed is about the only word I can think for it.

From some really good episodes to some weird story telling to whatever the hell Sweeper was. It has been super mixed.

This episode was pretty poor to be honest.

Which is a shame because it was actually a very important episode but it came out of nowhere, introducing a character that we probably should have been introduced to earlier and just kind of made no sense.

I can’t tell if it was switching between different times or what it just seemed odd.

Things that we kind of knew all along kind of came together, Sonia finally joined up with Bem and Daryl seemingly has found the Unseen Council he’s been looking for.

This is the problem though!

It isn’t even that things are rushed through it just takes logical leaps that we don’t get to see. We didn’t really get to see anything that Daryl was doing we just got flashes of him doing this or that whilst muttering about his dad and Belo. This whole episode introduced someone that Bem was close to who believed in them and wanted to help them but he’s now dead and why should I care? Sonia has been wishy washy with everything she’s done all season long so now we’re meant to care that she’s helping?

The mystery behind the Council and what and who Bem, Belo and Bela are is interesting but no where near as interesting as Dr Recycle who is the only one that seems to have had a decent build up but at the same time also doesn’t actually look like he is going to be that important in this series!

I just don’t know.

Most of all I don’t know why I bothered to carry on watching this but as it is episode 9 I can’t really give up now!

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