Babylon : Suspicion

Episode 1

It feels nice to get away a little from people being transported to all sorts of worlds and instead we have three episodes of a psychological mystery show to look forward too.

This, this might just be the best I’ve seen so far as well.

One reason I guess is because it was super realistic in some ways.

The original crime was just checking if a company had falsified reports that their drug was better then it was and slowly it went down a really dark path that lead to politics and all sorts.

I really like this kind of stuff.

Whilst there is a lot of dark stuff happening in the episode on the surface it really is just a investigation into corrupt politicians and businessmen, yet it was suspenseful and had action all over the place that constantly kept you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what exactly will happen next.

Zen Seizaki, the main character, is pretty interesting I guess. He is kind of stiffer then his young colleague and focused on his job and what he believes to be right and I don’t know if this case is going to twist him or if it is just here to show us how he’ll follow his wits right to the end but boy is it trying to break him.

So what I love about this kind of shows is trying to unwrap the mystery. If you haven’t watched it then it is a 100% recommended and stop reading.

As the next paragraph is going to be all about what actually happened.

I warned you.

For me Inaba is obviously a murder victim, he probably knew too much seeing that they found out the traces on that page, the creepy one, were from him. I think Ano brought a prostitute to him as a “bribe” probably already knowing that he liked to be hooked up to a anesthetic device when he’s doing it. This gives us a reason why one, he was naked and two, he died with a smile on his face.

Maybe the woman knew what was happening, maybe she was told he was just sleeping and would be fine.

I think Ano possibly killed him knowing that the case that Seizaki was investigating might end up leading back to Nomaru, the guy running for Mayor who Ano works for, or even just would link Inaba to Nomaru in some way. At first I thought that maybe the prostitute did, we know they arrived together but later in the episode we saw that Ano gives the bribe to the customer and then leaves so I thought maybe the prostitute had enough and just killed him but at the same time that wouldn’t explain the cliffhanger of Fumio hanging himself.

At no point where we given any kind of indication that Fumio would do this, in fact he had his dream case, something that was connected to politics, and had just finished working on following the other prostitute home. He seemed fine and not in a “you never know” kind of way.

I feel that he was caught following the prostitute and Nomaru’s men got to him and their MO is to make any death look like a accident.

Honestly I was really surprised that in the first episode they would introduce a character who would end up dead in the first episode. I mean it isn’t like that isn’t something that happens but I was looking forward to seeing the two of them work together and felt like at times the episode presented Fumio as the main character over Seizaki. I really liked that this was the cliffhanger if I’m honest, it was really sad and proved that they had done a really good job with building up the world and characters in a short period of time.

Pretty sure this is going to be possibly one of my favourite series of the year.

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