Astra : Lost in Space : Friend-Ship

Episode 12

Astra Lost in Space has been a hidden gem of a series if I’m honest. It was like Voyager with children and not so far away from Earth and with no actual bad guys just creatures surviving on their planets.

It had heart, drama, horror aspects and over all it was a adventure and I love a good adventure. Mysteries were also there and I’m still convinced that any moment now Aries is going to turn into a gigantic space worm and eat everyone.

This adventure now ends.

I won’t go on about everything we learnt because there was a whole bunch of information dumped on us all throughout the episode so I’m just going to talk about how the episode ended the series and all that.

There will be a longer post at some pint telling the story of Astra and all that where I talk in more depth about things but I thought for the review I’d stick to talking about how it wrapped up a series that I really enjoyed. A series that I kind of only picked up on a whim because I wasn’t covering as many as Luc and was bored.

As a ending it was perfect.

It kind of suffered a little from the Harry Potter Epilogue syndrome in that it gave us a little too much info on what happened after they got home that we didn’t need to know and didn’t really benefit us but I’m aware that it is mainly my problem and not anyone else’s. It was a nice way to say goodbye to these characters but I dunno. It didn’t ruin anything I just guess I don’t need to see where everyone is in 7 years just knowing they got home and got justice was nice.

Personal feeling of course.

That being said the rest of the episode wasn’t really much either. It was another longer episode but the majority of it was given over to first explaining the long history of how the world came to be, then what happened immediately as they got home before going to the 7 years later stuff.

So it was a really interesting episode that kind of cleared up the world a little for me but also kind of a boring one.

I would have preferred the emphasis to be on SEEING them come back. Them getting back was told through one of Aries Space Logs instead of letting it naturally happen so whilst the talking about history and then coming up with the plan on messaging Aries mum was all in real time the rest of the episode wasn’t and that was a big shame. I would have liked to see a bit more on the trial and how things actually came out but because it was all told in Aries Log it was upbeat and skipped all the nasty bits.

This doesn’t mean it was a bad ending to the series it just felt, for someone like me again I’m sure others feel very different, like we had this whole conspiracy built up over 12 episodes just for the aftermath of them returning to be swept under the rug.

A little of that is because that is the point of the show. These kids got back to earth against all odds first off by being lucky but mostly because they kept a positive attitude no matter what was thrown at them.

Still for me I would have liked to have seen something else.

It wasn’t and couldn’t have been easy for them to settle back in, there must have been a trial that would have seen them testify. I just would have liked something that wasn’t all rainbows and flowers.

We didn’t even get to see Quitterie and Zach get married!

Then again I guess as I said this is the point of the show.

It is about overcoming the odds and being unbearably positive about everything no matter what and in some ways seeing that they were able to overcome all the odds and actually survive, get back to Astra and live normal lives is nice.

Still a little bit of me wishes we’d seen something other then the footnotes.

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