Parasyte ~ The Maxim : Freezing Point

Episode 8

Hyōten” (氷点)

Freezing Point?

Honestly think that “Different” should be the title of the episode if I’m honest with you.

Not sure I like the new Shinichi.

Also not sure what Satomi really feels about him right now.

Honestly I’m really happy that the series went down this road, it makes more sense that after all this Shinichi would change but they also do it really well too. His inner thoughts have actually ended up sounding much more like Migi and Migi whilst helpful and informative like always is cold.

This makes Shinichi cold.

That scene with the dog was one of the best scenes I’ve seen.

It showed the very big difference between Shinichi before the accident and after, from someone who cared and loved like a normal human to someone who doesn’t. Throwing the dog in the trash was such a strong action for the new Shinichi to take and was so against what he stood for.

What is really scary though is that he doesn’t know he’s doing it.

Or he does but he seems to have lost that bit of himself that realises what he’s doing.

He’s thinking like Migi constantly so even when he questions Migi on what he did wrong and Migi tells him that he’s acting like Migi and not Shinichi he kind of just logically thinks about it. Satomi getting upset doesn’t seem to bother him so much though as he thinks he can solve that problem but it was his father pointing out how different he was, uncaring in a way and completely nonplussed by the death of his mother, that seems to have hit him hard.

This episode introduced a new threat of some sorts as Ryoko sends another one of them to the school to keep a eye on Shinichi, this is a boy called Hideo who doesn’t seem to care if he’s caught or not. I mean he just grabs and pulls Kana along with him in broad daylight like that is a totally normal thing for a human to do.

I guess that is what makes this series so good it has a lot of layers.

We have this alien invasion of sorts that has the world upside down right now.

Then we have the constant change in our protagonist who went from being a victim of this invading species to slowly turning into a human version of them.

On another layer we have Ryoko who seems to have her own plans or is actually working towards the goal they originally had but just at the moment feels like a threat in the shadows sending her henchmen to do her work.

Then on a totally crazy layer we have a slice-of-life show about teenagers with crushes and problems. Within that story itself you have two girls that seem to be able to notice when things are up but Kana has the superhuman ability to tell when someone has a Parasyte in them as well.

It is a strange show with a lot going on but it always manages to do one thing really well.

Make you roll your eyes at whatever terrible life decision Shinichi makes when it comes to girls.

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