Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : New Mission [END]

Episode 26

Aratameru Ninmu” (改める任務)

If you want a perfect example of what makes Demon Slayer so good look no further then this episode.

As the Coming of Age Arc comes to a close we don’t just have a good bye episode for the characters we have grown to love but a whole new, scary world opening up in front of us in more ways then one.

It was a tale of two halves, both parts of this war got to have their final say in what wasn’t really the ending to a series but the beginning to a movie.

Whilst the series might be over the Infinite Train Arc is starting up in movie form and to get there from where we are there was something a little different from Tanjiro running around being a pure soul that we had in the second half of the episode.

A return to the big Demon himself. Muzan.

Once more it was one of those scenes that shows you what Demon Slayer could be then instantly reminding you that it is fine the way it is. I love how they mix the comedy with the horror but I have to say I kind of want to see this team actually make a horror show of their own because the entire scene with Muzan was probably one of the most disturbing and hard to watch scenes I’ve seen for a long time.

Him killing off his own group wasn’t just a power play to his own minions but proof that Tanjiro has him shook.

There is a gear that has been turned and Muzan is sweating it a little bit. So to spice things up he removes all those he see’s as weak and leaves only the most deranged of those alive with only one goal to please him.

Kill a Hashira and Tanjiro.

When all this is going on in a spooky setting with blood running all over the place Tanjiro himself is saying goodbye to everyone. Changing lives, being a genuine lovely guy and making me laugh until I very nearly cried.

It was a stark contrast to what we had just seen but gave us a chance to see a bunch of people we had got to know in the series and say goodbye to them before the next part of Tanjiro’s journey. He also gets to make that journey with Zanitsu and Inosuke which makes me happy because if he had gone off on his own I might have been a bit upset we didn’t get to see the three of them arguing together once more.

So a really good episode all around ending one of the best series this year. Really enjoyed it.

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