Anime Highlights Week 37

16th – 22nd September 2019

One day I promise these things will come out the week they are meant to I would like to point out my hatred of Bem and not wanting to watch it is why this one is so late. I was up to date with everything else pretty much but I just couldn’t be bothered with Bem…

Then it turned out there was nothing at all to put in here about that episode anyway so enjoy this late highlight blog that easily could have come out on time!

Comedic Moments Save the Day.

I loved Demon Slayer, Luc liked it a lot and one thing we both agree on is when they put the comedy in 9 times out of 10 it is done really well.

Last week and this week felt like a drag, hence no highlights from it last week, but honestly the comedy in this one was done well enough that I enjoyed the episode a lot more then I thought I would.

Maybe it helps that I love all three main characters so much, watching Inosuke and Zenitsu get motivated by watching Tanjiro and then them running around doing their best was fun but also kind of warming. Seeing their bond and how far it has come from three random guys at the Final Selection to this is what I live for and in a way I kind of hope at least in the next season Kanao joins them.

Why can’t Demon Slayers work as a team?!

Another show that had a slightly different form of comedy that helped it go along nicely was Vinland Saga.

Whereas Demon Slayer is very in your face comedy we opened Vinland Saga, a show about Vikings with lots of death and horrible things happening, with quite a low key and funny scene.

OK it was a general conversation but to us it was a brief look at the people under Thorkell’s command and how they think and it was helluva funny. I know I shouldn’t laugh at such things as a Priest going so mad he needs to be boozed up to think or even Vikings going on about what they loved most about England but it was funny.

Saying that every second with Thorkell is a laugh a moment. Dude literally severed limbs in this episode like he was cutting up vegetables yet he also managed to be the most hilarious thing in the show once more. Comedy always helps even when it done in a horrible setting like the middle of a war with Vikings that are bored.

Plus Senku and Chrome arguing with Senku asking if Chrome was his girlfriend and Chrome telling Senku he isn’t his child was pretty funny. Like Demon Slayer, Doctor Stone can mix its seriousness with comedy.

I mean this was a episode where any small little thing going wrong meant death as they went to get Sulfuric Acid yet between Senku, Chrome and Ginro it was a laugh a minute at times.

Specially Ginro’s vision of a deadly angel hovering over the pool of acid.

Deadly Acid!!

As always Dr. Stone gave us all a very interesting science lesson, this time on sulfuric acid.

Now not to blow my own horn or anything but I was kinda good at science (biology and chemistry, hated physics) in school and had a soft spot for it as well so it is always fun to sit down to watch Dr. Stone and hear all the science talk.

Then again what I really love about it, what I truly love, is that they mix it in with the story. It isn’t just “here is acid, this is what acid does, oh look at acid and how we’ll overcome this problem” no they had the entire story based around teaching Ginro a lesson about self preservation and how humanity has to overcome its fears every day in little ways.

Imagine being someone who has no idea how anything works in the world. Take away all our knowledge and you just see the earth as it is. You have no idea about vapors being deadly or anything like that, suddenly you see a beautiful green lake just to find out even going close to it will just kill you.

Ginro doesn’t come from a enlightened place and whilst he was a little over the top about the entire thing he was also seriously just scared of something he didn’t understand and that Senku himself wasn’t sure whether or not he’d survive the trip to. Making the story about Ginro overcoming that fear made the story much more interesting because we kind of knew that no one was going to die specially not Senku so there had to be something else that made the story important and exciting and it was Ginro’s time to shine.

Let’s hear it one more time for Thorkell, my spirit animal!

I can’t help it, every week this character is going to be a highlight.

In a series about Vikings it is nice to see such a war hungry soul who just is enjoying life. He’s like the Jolly Green Giant or something. Then again he has it all as well.

One moment he’s cheerfully mocking the Christian’s, playfully asking questions and being surprised by some of the answers, the next he’s killing people like they are flies, limbs flying off in all directions and next he’s having a nice old conversation with Thorfinn like they are best buddies catching up.

There is never a dull moment when Thorkell is around and he’s been such a big bonus to Vinland Saga you don’t even know how much I look forward to him showing up on screen.

Still rushed….

It is a complaint I constantly have and I tried to keep it out of this weeks review but boy does Fire Force never stop for a breather.

Whilst I feel like the story of how the Company came to be was handled in a really nice way and to be fair there wasn’t much more to say I guess it is just another example of them wanting to tell stories five times faster then they needed to be. This could have been a episode in itself with each member looking back on how they came to be there and a little more of a look into the relationship of Hinawa and Maki, it could have told us how Iris came to be with them or indeed even go all the way to explain why they picked Shinra.

That being said it wasn’t a bad way to tell the story.

My main problem going forward is they’ve now introduced yet another Company that in some way is going head to head with 8 with yet another fantastic, unique and interesting character that I fear will end up just being a walking load of character quirks and end up either being the obvious bad guy because obviously he would being a misfit or just the weird one that stops 8 doing what they want to do for a little bit before 8 finally gets their own way.

We’ll see.

Kanao Tsuyuri finally explained… Kind of.

So we saw all four of the newbies at the end of Final Selection and it has taken this long for Kanao to properly be explained.

Then again that is actually just here is a quick flashback and a quirky thing about her personality you might want to know before we maybe actually give you something about her later.

Her story was sad but I feel like it was rushed so that they could get the funny training moments in and I will love to see how her relationship with Shinobu has changed over the years but until then it was kind of nice to finally round off “getting to know” the four new Demon Slayers.

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