Vinland Saga : The Land on the Far Bank

Episode 12

Taigan no kuni” (対岸の国)

With Canute in the hands of Askeladd will we see the business side of Askeladd continue to grow or will the Prince be able to bring him to his side in the war against Anna’s spirit animal Thorkell?

They head to Wales to try and get away from Thorkell who in his quest to face off against Thorfinn was gaining on them faster then they wanted.

Whilst the entire thing is becoming very political at the same time the ending of the episode reminded us of all the paths we have coming together right now. We even got to see Leif again who is still obviously on his quest to find Thorfinn.

Wales isn’t the safest place and whilst one group is trying to help Canute in a attempt to broker a deal between Wales and Canute if he became King of England another group are trying to actively kill the Prince which is interesting. We haven’t got a reason for them ambushing the others yet but I’m sure it won’t take them long to be murdered and someone to tell them what is going on.

Honestly Canute is such a boring character.

I get the story they are trying to tell, he’s a unlikely Prince that no one can see being King. We have him now apparently being constantly compared with Thorfinn who has been told to stick by the Prince to keep him safe which is either going to lead to one day Thorfinn taking over from him or installing a little more of something into Canute. I don’t like that Canute won’t even talk for himself, he really is just a namby pamby character.

Like I thought he was just sweet and against war but he won’t even talk when someone talks to him and it isn’t even in a “I’m Prince so don’t talk to me” way which would have been more interesting then “I won’t talk to anyone other then this one person” which is what we got.

I don’t like that this is going to be the King of England, or was he ever King? Did he just go back to Denmark and become King over there? I don’t know but I just don’t like him right now, he’s a boring character surrounding by so many more interesting and exciting characters.

This is the first episode in a few that didn’t have a lot of focus on Thorkell so Canute being really boring was actually really annoying.

Still a good episode, I loved that we had a mention of the Legend of Arthur as well as a brilliant dandruff effect on the priest when he scratched his head.

Something in there for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Vinland Saga : The Land on the Far Bank”

    1. It really is. Anna takes all our screenshots for the headers and I believe she picked this one because she loves stars honestly. Originally I think she had one of the crew in the credits as they panned out but decided to go with the stars and I can’t blame her.

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