The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : Time to make… My Move

Episode 7

With Seladon now the Evil Queen of the Gelflings it is up to Deet, Brea and Rian to reach the Circle of the Suns and try and figure out just what is happening and what they need to do next.

Let’s just get this out there.

Andy Samberg as skekGra is possibly the best thing that ever happened to the world. Him and urGoh were fantastically funny and whilst I’m not saying it is a bad thing I loved that he was just Jake in Skeksis form getting fed up of how slow urGoh is.

Whilst Simon Pegg is probably the absolute best for bringing to life a character I grew up semi-terrified of, Andy Samberg has brought a totally new character to life in the craziest of ways. A crazy and not horrible Skeksis.

skekGra and urGoh were something else all episode long from their opera to telling the Gelflings exactly what they need to know. Everything about the Skeksis and Mystics, what the Gelflings need to do and what needs to happen next.

I remember as a kid when the Skeksis and Mystics joined together it was like mind boggling for me. Hearing their story set out the way it was in this episode was so beautiful even if it was told by skekGra. I really enjoyed listening to it though and loved the way that they presented it, once more the only word for nearly everything in this series is that it was beautiful. I loved the puppetry bit and found myself just staring at the screen open mouthed like the presentation was happening in my room in front of me and not on a TV.

Still it was Andy Samberg.

Unfortunately when this is all going on the one decent Gelfling princess has been turned into a Ascendancy minion in the war between the Skeksis and the Gelflings of Stonewood. This all leads to a massacre in sorts, which again was magnificent for a bunch of tiny little puppets basically taking over Gelfling puppets. I mean it was better then any borg invasion I’ve seen and seeing the procession of Gelflings under the Ascendancy’s command was unsettling in the best of ways.


“You try to control Aughra? Aughra can barely control Aughra!” Honestly I love that this is like showing off so much of one of my all time favourite characters.

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