Parastye ~ The Maxim : A Dark Night’s Passing

Episode 7

An’ya Kōro” (暗夜行路)

Shinichi is on the look out for the Parasyte that has taken over his mother and seems to have found something on the beach.

We have a lot of questions from the last episode but it might not be so easy to answer them.

I really enjoyed that this episode started to ask a very serious question that at the moment Shinichi kind of just sweeps under the rug.

Migi points out that he was able to run super fast, jump super high and we already know that he can now see better but we also learn that he kind of can’t cry either. It seems to be a big hint that maybe Shinichi in some way is losing his humanity now that Migi has lost parts of itself within him, if 70% roughly of Migi is still in the hand that means another 30% is floating around and either mindlessly attaching itself to other parts of Shinichi or affecting him in other ways.

This is the point that I haven’t seen any further from so I wonder if that is a theme that is explored or something that I’m reading too much into. Whilst there is still parts of Shinichi that seems the same there are moments when he doesn’t really feel the same anymore, add to this that with his new found abilities he might change dramatically finding himself to be invisible in some ways.

I guess adding Uda and Parasyte, another human with a Parasyte within him that didn’t merge with the brain, is a good thing. Instead of being fatally wounded like Shinichi, Parasyte realised that the other one was going for Uda’s heart so just moved the heart, it isn’t something Migi probably could do but it means that we’ll now be in contact with a guy who as of yet still has a 100% parasyte contained in one part of his body compared to Shinichi who has 30% of his parasyte just floating around inside of him.

Away from that I guess the episode was kind of boring. It was kind of anticlimactic in a way.

I really loved Uda and Parasyte, having two completely different characters facing the same problem is a fascinating dynamic but I feel like it’ll be too easy to just ignore him from now on.

We finally had the show down between Shinichi and his mother but it just kind of felt wrong, I guessed that Migi would fall asleep before the fight actually happened because now that Migi would technically have had the upper hand a little by being allowed to attack it would have kind of been even more boring… Or maybe not, maybe at least the actual fight would have been interesting.

I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens next but I don’t feel like it’ll go well for Shinichi.

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