Parasyte ~ The Maxim : The Sun Also Rises

Episode 6

Hi wa Mata Noboru” (日はまた昇る)

What a ending episode 5 had, and with what happened still ringing in our ears we must find out how Shinichi survives his latest run in with yet another Parasyte.

This episode is obviously much less dramatic.

We get to see the full ability of Migi whilst also how the relationship that Migi and Shinichi has is going to develop. To keep Shinichi alive and therefore keep itself alive Migi has to replicate his heart and keep it beating whilst mending the wound that killed him.

In doing so Migi spent more time intimately within Shinchi’s body and was able to do more then just mend his body but fix things like his eye sight and basically make him semi-super human in many ways. What it felt like it also did was make Migi more emotionally attached, whilst Shinichi still see’s Migi as some horrible accident that has brought nothing to his life but pain and suffering Migi seems disturbed by the fact that Shinichi doesn’t like him. Whilst both know they need the other to survive right ow this episode felt like Migi had become a little more human whilst Shinichi had lost a bit of what made him human.

It was also his big chance to show his father just what is going on.

Then again maybe it isn’t.

Have to say the hospital scene, no matter how many times I see it, always makes me sad. Seeing his father there just so lost after being told that he must have mixed reality with a bad dream is just hard to watch, him losing his temper with Shinichi as he tries to figure out what is going on in his own head and Shinichi having to watch his father break down is a wonderful scene for all the saddest of reasons.

That moment is lost and I haven’t watched much further than this so I don’t really know what happens to his father going forward but I hope it is nothing but some kind of happiness.

It has become much less a story about a boy trying to come to terms with the alien thing in his hand and much more about a story of revenge though. Shinichi is stuck trying to wait out the Parasyte that has taken over his mothers body knowing that he only has 20 hours each day in which he can protect his father. He has the element of surprise to a certain degree because whilst the Parasyte will be able to sense him at the same time it thinks he is dead but Migi is also now totally unconscious for four hours every day meaning that if the Parasyte strikes within those four hours Shinichi will be totally helpless.

That being said he thinks he’s found the Parasyte just… It didn’t look like the same one to me.

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