The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : By Gelfling Hand

Episode 6

For the Gelflings the time to act has come. Will they chose war or will they chose peace? What they don’t know is that either path will probably lead to the same fate…

As you might have been able to tell from the last review I really like the character of Seladon.

This episode though got a bit too much Disney villain for me though.

Whilst I get the symbolism in Seladon’s transformation and they have built to it pretty well at the same time watching her get dressed and all the rest of it just screamed puppet Maleficent and didn’t really feel like Seladon getting her big moment herself.

That’s just me though I guess.

It really has split into a tale of two halves and one of them has started to get a little less interesting then the other. Or at least in this episode the story of Brea and her group getting to where they have to go following Lore wasn’t all that interesting. It gave us a lovely moment where Brea and Rian were able to talk about their parents and how their opinion of them changed in their dying moments and did the important thing of getting us to where we need to go next but it all felt a bit forced as well.

Like I get that the Dream Space stuff happened but the bonding of Brea and Deet just seemed too much too soon and I would have liked them to have actually done the ceremony before calling each other friends and acting like they had known each other their entire lives. I get that both Deet and Brea are just lovely characters who will automatically see the best in people but it just felt really rushed to get the point across that they are a team and they are a team of people with pure hearts.

I think we got that from the other 5 episodes a little bit of getting to know each other wouldn’t have gone amiss in a episode that seemed designed to do that.

The other half of the story is the transformation of Seladon.

Now I said you can’t really blame her for the path she’s gone down in the last review and I stand by that. I might not have explained it well though.

Seladon is the perfect example of all those characters in every series that is the heir. Their only purpose is to be the heir. Whilst their parents might love them the pressure of being the heir and everything it entitles, especially in a case like this where you are a heir to a pointless throne that will see you heartlessly turn a blind eye to dictators for safety, skewers the way the world is seen.

Thankfully Seladon has two big saving graces in that story telling that prove this point.

Her sisters.

Brea’s story of her mum telling her she loved her every day and it wasn’t until she died that she realised that she meant it along. Add Tavra, the voice of reason, who has already tried to show Brea and Seladon that they feel the same way about each other because of their preconceived notions of how their mother feels and feeling that the other is in a place of privilege whilst also hating their role in life and the story had already given you enough clues that given a ear that will listen and Seladon will do what she was raised, and through her own eyes perceived, not loved but forced through need, to do.

After her mother died in front of her she seemingly has cut out any part that really made her Seladon and turned to the one thing she has left.

Her undying loyalty, the power that she was promised and the safety in her own eyes of being under the protection of the Skeksis.

If all of the Gelfling tribes had let her be All-Maudra we might have seen a different ending to this tale, if her mother had been nicer or Aughra had given her a chance it might have been different.

Even after her mother had gone she was treated as unimportant, a child, reckless and silly by those who in her eyes just wanted to bring war to Gelflings.

Not only that her biggest enemy in her own eyes is her sister Brea so anything that goes along with what her sister wants which is completely the opposite of what they are all taught is going to make her angry.

I know I’ve spent this entire time talking about Seladon… I apologise. Onto the next episode!

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