Parasyte ~ The Maxim : The Stranger

Episode 5

Ihōjin” (異邦人)

After a big fight you would think that Shinichi might get a breather but in this world of Parasyte’s nothing is fair.

Then again the episode started kind of OK, we saw a change in Shinichi that I guess we should have guessed was coming. After what he’s been through even in a short period of time he’s got a weird confidence that having Migi must give him.

What his time with Migi hasn’t done is completely kill his humanity to the point that when faced with a Parasyte that has taken over someone he loves he can’t help but feel that he can still talk to the human inside of them.

Whether this is because of shock or the thought that maybe there is still something of that person I guess will never really be known. It probably is a bit of both but it is a mistake that he won’t be making twice, specially as he’s basically killed in this episode for making it.

Again from the beginning to the end of the episode it is non-stop action.

From a Parasyte getting injured in a car accident and having to take over the driver, to normal school problems with a gang targeting Shinichi after he sticks up for a fellow pupil and ending with his mother being taken by the Parasyte from the beginning after learning it can no longer change sexes and coming home to kill him it unfortunately is a roller coaster that you just can’t get off of.

I guess it was interesting having him come up against his mum and not being able to differentiate against who she is and who she was. That is probably a really important learning curve that he needed to learn, unfortunately it is also kind of too convenient in a way. Like it wasn’t even like his mother was in a densely populated area or even close to another Parasyte. You literally had to have this accident happen that night and for them to have stopped at this point and the Parasyte itself to hobble along far enough without causing suspicion all day for this to happen.

It was a long shot for a very emotional moment only 4 episodes in and whilst it teaches Shinichi a harsh lesson about the reality he is now in and whilst it is dramatic it also, the more I think about it, is a bit much too.

Like it is that really weird thing where everything has to be closely related to the main character but this time it isn’t like the already explained danger of having people close to him being targeted because other Parasyte’s can tell he’s there is the problem, he literally sent them away to be safe and it was like a million to one chance they were unlucky enough that this completely random and totally nonsensical version of events played out just for this one dramatic scene.

Not that I’m really that upset because it is one of the best scenes in the entire series.

One thing I guess I never picked up on the many times I’ve watched this is that Migi points out that the two girls currently in Shinichi’s life, Kana and Satomi, are extremely perceptive to the point that Kana actually seems to have figured out there  is something “wrong” with him. Meaning Migi.

As I’ve said before I’ve only really got about 5 more episodes in and honestly I can’t really remember much of what I’ve seen other then the big scenes and some of the more out there characters so I don’t know if this becomes a important detail later on but I’m actually pretty shocked I never clung onto that one before.

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