Parasyte ~ The Maxim : Feast

Episode 3

Kyōen” (饗宴)

I do apologise for yesterdays review, I rambled a lot about all the things I was thinking about and I’ll try not to be so rambly in this episode.

So I feel like episode 2 raised a lot of questions on purpose but this episode then changed tack.

Whilst episode 2 wanted to lay down the foundation for moral questions and make us think about the Parasytes this episode introduced us to the Parasyte’s next step.

When a teacher in Shinichi’s school turns out to be one of them Migi is surprised at how well she is able to carry on with normal life, the fact that she wants to carry on with normal life is a surprise in general. It shows that like Migi these creatures are capable of thinking for themselves, they aren’t just hungry monsters that want to kill everyone around them they actually do seem to want to survive.

She was one of the characters at the end of the last episode trying to breed so she’s obviously looking to join humans instead of destroy humanity.

Ryoko is a interesting character, she is different from the others that we’ve seen obviously and very much does want to protect her human identity, the breeding project worked and she’s carrying a human baby which leads to more questions. She herself as well as Migi is just trying to understand who they are, what they are and what they need and why the need what they think they need. Being able to breed but breeding humans instead of their own kind shows that even though they take over a host that doesn’t mean they then become that host. Just because they are in human bodies and will produce human children doesn’t mean they are now human….

Therefore they can’t really be cannibals either.

Mr A, the guy who is the father of Ryoko’s kid, is different.

He said it himself. He eats when he wants too and gets rid of anything in his way and instantly see’s Shinichi as a threat. Whilst Ryoko is maybe the scarier of the two right now the situation see’s Mr A as the scary one, Ryoko can blend into the crowd and act normal but at the same time Mr A doesn’t give a damn about walking into a crowded school, killing a bunch of people just to eliminate a threat to him.

Then again Migi is kind of scary too.

Migi was willing to eliminate a bunch of people just to save themselves and Shinichi going against Migi’s wishes and coming up with his own plan seems to be a learning curve for Migi. Again there is a lot of questioning the difference between Migi’s species and Shinichi, what makes Shinichi different from Mr A, what makes humans different from just about every other species in the universe.

Them talking it out manages to come up with a decent plan but is that going to be enough?

I feel like I just ramble a lot so let me try and at least end this with some sense.

This episode introduced the thought process that the Parasyte’s come in many different types. Not just human and dog but how they join their hosts seem to maybe have a effect on how they view the world around them. Ryoko says her and Mr A, two Parasyte’s that have managed to get to the brain, joined their host differently and obviously we know that Migi did too. Migi doesn’t need to eat humans because he gets nutrients through Shinichi, Ryoko for some reason is able to keep her humanity in tact even though she herself is no longer human, the human part of her is dead, Mr A on the other hand is pure Parasyte, he might have gone along with whatever plans that Ryoko had but when he see’s Shinichi as a threat he isn’t scared to just go and attack a entire school to eliminate him.

So whilst in episode 2 they laid the ground work for a moral debate on whether or not what the Parasyte’s are doing is right or wrong, this episode added on top of that whether it can be right or wrong when they have no purpose. Ryoko, Mr A and Migi have no idea what they are, they have killed the humans inside of them, well Ryoko and Mr A have, yet when they reproduce they still produce a human baby so the human part of them is still alive.

Does that make them human?

Does it make them something else?

But what is really interesting is that because there are so many different variations, ones that are just bloodthirsty and hungry, ones that want to mingle and there must be others that got trapped in the wrong bodies or in random body parts, they all have a different outlook on their own species.

Migi has no empathy for humans because humans are just his host, he see’s things logically which is something needs to eat it’ll eat no matter what that food might be. He is slowly going to learn humanity because he has a human to learn from. He, at this moment, can be scary because as humans we see him seeing human life as dispensable and if he had his own way he’d murder many to save himself.

Ryoko is trying to be human, she’s trying to understand what she is but in a way that is kind of human as well. She wants to keep her identity, she’s able to work and have a normal life and came up with a plan to see whether or not they could reproduce, she reaches out to Shinichi to learn more about him and Migi. She’s terrifying in that she’s more human as a threat. She’s the kind of person you will never be able to point out in a crowd and say will murder the entire crowd in a blink of a eye, at the same time she’s so important in that she’s asking the questions relating to herself. WHAT is she WHY does she need to feed and WHAT happens when she just does normal, human things.

Mr A on the other hand is a monster. As pure as that. He had sex sure but he said it himself. When he’s hungry he’ll eat and when he needs to kill he’ll kill and he’ll waltz into a crowded area to kill whoever he wants or needs to.

Every new layer that is added just makes the entire thing more terrifying. You don’t know who might be one of these things and of course in this universe people don’t even know that there ARE aliens out there that have taken over humans and are killing them. This to them is just a serious of murders. The woman at the beginning of episode 2 was being walked home by a kind gentleman that saved her, we knew that it was one of these things trying to eat her. THAT is terrifying.

So whilst Parasyte might not be jump scare type of scary, it isn’t even gory type of scary, the more you look at the moral questions and what these things actually are the more you are going to walk to work tomorrow and be terrified of every living human walking towards you just in case they are going to eat you.

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