Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba : Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri

Episode 24

Tsuguko Tsuyuri Kanao” (継ぐ子 栗花落カナヲ)

I said in the last review that it feels like they are just trying to pad out the end of this season to make it to 26 episodes but seeing we had little to nothing happen in the last two episodes and now we’re going to be introduced to a character we kind of was introduced to in the last episode I feel my fears are justified.

Again it felt like a episode only there to have a episode.

I get that they like having the fun training montages and this episode was very much about bringing Zenitsu and Inosuke up to speed, we got to see that Tanjiro has more heart then them mainly because he has a very urgent reason to want to be better but just being with him makes Zenitsu and Inosuke want to be better. They do kind of make up their mind to do it before having to be convinced by Shinobu which I think was a good touch instead of having them forced into it.

Their bond is one of the things I really liked.

That being said whilst it makes sense this could have all been packaged into last episode and the small bit of information we got about Shinobu could have been integrated into this episode seeing that the very small part of this episode which was about Kanao showed that Shinobu’s older sister, the one who we learnt last episode died and turned Shinobu from the angry young lady she was in the flashback in this one to the calm one we’ve seen so far, actually saved Kanao from poverty and slavery and Kanao has been with them since she was a small child.

For a episode named after her there was basically no new information other then a hint that she’s falling in love with Tanjiro which I’m not too sure about but we only have one episode left so that isn’t a season one problem anyway.

When it comes to the comedy stuff this episode gets the highest marks, I enjoy the fun things this series tends to do and the characters are all great fun to watch. That being said that was basically all this episode was really good for.

Tanjiro has mastered the Concentration Breathing to a point, the others aren’t far behind because they’ve been motivated by Shinobu and seeing Tanjiro work hard. Tanjiro and Inosuke have new swords, Nezuko has been asleep this whole time and there is a new Demon to go fight which with one episode left if they go to fight it in the last episode it might be much more rushed then you kind of want to see.

Again just another episode that could have easily opened up a second season but instead is padding out a overly long end to this one.

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