Sherlock Holmes The Awakening (7.7 hours played)

So the second of the Sherlock games that I’m going to be playing and I found out that I’m kind of playing them backwards. I never bothered to check what order they went in so I just ended up going in the order they showed up in my folder.

Anyway The Awakening…

I’m not one to get freaked out by computer games very often, there have only been a few moments. The chief one being Silent Hill… Though I’m not sure if that was freaked out or just getting pissed off at being killed by dogs coming out of relative nowhere.

The Awakening very nearly touched those heights.

Unlike Nemesis where we are running around London after a thief, The Awakening takes a slightly more mythological route to it all.

There isn’t one part of the whole of this story that doesn’t give me the feeling of dread that a good horror game should be able to give me. It isn’t about the blood and gore, though there are great amounts of both in The Awakening, but about how clever it can be. And of course Sherlock Holmes is always going to have a clever story.

The game play is pretty much the same as Nemesis even if it is a earlier game, there are plenty of hints as well dotted throughout paper clippings about a Mr A.L. in France to keep a eye open for. The map system is exactly the same but I feel like personally the game is much bigger.

For example not only do we travel around London (Baker St plus Dockyards) we go to Switzerland and New Orleans. We end up in a lighthouse in Scotland!

Each area is bigger then you can imagine. You end up in a Asylum of some sort in Switzerland where a doctor has been doing something rather icky. New Orleans you go through the harbour to find a Cajun called Champagne, then chase a thief through another complete map of twists and turns before going to the French Quater and traipsing around a house (saving a horses life too!) and end up in a swamp! The lighthouse you end up going underground and uncovering the lost Pirate treasure of McGrinty before travelling up the lighthouse to save the day.

I felt the need to tell you just how big this game is because it surprised me at every turn!

The second you realise there is something supernatural at play is the moment you start to dread going into dark passages, underground rooms and following mysterious footprints. Mainly because you know what happens in rooms underground with hardly anything to light them.

It maintained quite a wonderful eerie feel without ever really feeling like it had jumped out of the Sherlock Holmes universe into something completely different. Everything made sense in the end, everything came together.

By the time I ended the game I had completely forgotten that we started the game with a bored Sherlock and talks of Princesses and the like.

In every way it was just as good as Nemesis but the story lacked some magical sparkle that I loved about Nemesis. I don’t know what exactly but there was something.

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