Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Rehabilitation Training

Episode 24

Kinō Kaifuku Kunren” (機能回復訓練)

With his trial over with and his friends back at his side, safe on his travels with Nezuko once more, it is time for him, Zenitsu and Inosuke to start training again waiting to be strong enough to leave on a new mission.

I feel like the series has hit a point where it probably should have ended a episode earlier.

Whilst this episode showed us the next step that Tanjiro needs to take to become stronger there was a lot of comedy and a lot of not very much happening.

They start the Rehabilitation Training which isn’t half as bad as Tanjiro and Inosuke make it out but they all end up losing heart because they can’t beat Kanao, instead of actually trying to figure out why though they just end up sulking about it and the only reason Tanjiro himself actually snaps out and finds a way is because other people tell him the way.

It literally was a episode of nothing happening to teach us that Tanjiro needs to master the Concentration Breathing Technique until he can use it 24/7 without anyone actually showing him how to do it which by the sounds of it Kanao was shown by Shinobu.

Then you have Shinobu herself.

She has a confusing talk with Tanjiro whilst he is training himself which kind of explains her but leaves her as one big contradiction.

It sounds like her sister was much like Tanjiro but died at the hands of Demons so she’s conflicted in both hating Demons for what they’ve done and wanting to carry on her sisters legacy of trying to help Demons.

That doesn’t really make her any better in my opinion, I still have a lot of hate for her for the way she acts and her entire “I’ll be your friend” to The Daughter before offering to torture her before befriending her to make amends for those she’s killed shows the true side to her that I will be very angry if it is overwritten in anyway.

It was a fun episode but at the same time it was just one of those times you feel like there isn’t enough time to start another adventure so we’re going to slowly march towards a end that could have came a episode or two before. This feels like it could have waited for a potential second series instead of ending a first one.

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