Bem : Noise

Episode 8

Bem continues its good run of episodes with another one focused on Bela. Another self contained and well told story, who thought it had it in it?

Honestly when you take away the government stuff and the mysteries and the confusing way they tried to tell the story to begin with this series isn’t all too bad.

Specially when it focuses on what it does well and that is tell the story of these three characters.

Bem, Bela and Belo. Three Humanoid Monsters who want to be human. Bela and Belo doing their best to blend in with humanity and Bem who goes around kicking weird bad guys butts.

When we focus the episodes on Bela and Belo and leave the conspiracies and other government laden plots then the show becomes a lot better. In this one Bela is faced with her first crush and ends up killing his mother who is a deranged noise machine.

Or a opera singer. Whichever title suits you best.

The best part of this episode though wasn’t watching the investigation into who was ripping the throats out of young women or even Bela coming to terms with human emotions but those small little moments she shared with her makeshift family.

Belo teasing her, Bem wanting to know irregularities with her body.

You know like Third Rock from the Sun kind of shit because they don’t understand human bodies so Bem wants to make sure that things are going alright whilst Belo and Bela have really fallen into the most human of all roles. Big sister and little brother.

It is adorable too.

Just how nice was it to see them interacting in a human way? To see Belo act like a kid instead of a monster?

This is what the show has been missing this entire time.

We have these three characters who insist they want to be human, well two because Belo is a bit of a moron, yet we rarely see the human side of them because we have to be reminded of conspiracies and the rest.

If this show had just let us get to know Bem, Belo, Bela, Jake and Sonia with Dr Recycle being the main bad guy and they linked it all up at the beginning nice and clean so we could get to this point faster then this series would have been a really good one.

What I don’t get from this episode is how much Roddy knows.

He’s fallen in love with Bela’s true form but does he know that it is Bela? I want to know more about Roddy. Show me more Roddy please!

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