Anime Highlights Week 36

9th – 15th September

Body parts are a large part of this week. Eyes, arms and throats… That kind of thing.

Anime hey?

Suika’s New Eyes!

So why did Melon Head have a Melon on her head?

It turns out that she is near sighted, somehow Senku is able to figure that out and decides that the first thing they’ll make with their glass is glasses for Suika.

For a character that hasn’t been around much or done much to actually make you fall in love with them it was really emotional being told how she wants to be able to see everyone clearly even if it is only once and then be given that ability by having the holes in her Melon replaced with glass.

Such a beautiful moment in a show full of all sorts of different moments.

New arm for Kanata please?

So whilst Suika is getting the ability to see for the first time thanks to always playing the hero it seems that Kanata is losing his arm.

Well it doesn’t seem that way, he had it sucked into the wormhole and Charce closed it to save him but obviously it was already inside the wormhole so he lost it.

Which actually is a very well thought out moment.

It would be easy to hand wave the fact that his arm was already in the wormhole so shouldn’t have survived but they did the opposite and had it cut off so I’m kind of impressed with it.

In a way he does regain that arm in Charce but it was a bit of a let down again even if him losing his arm was pretty amazing…

In a story telling way. Like they tried to be a little correct to what scientifically would happen instead of giving them all a happy ending.


We start this entire episode off with Thorkell being a pain in the ass and actually attacking the camp on the other side of the River by throwing boulders over there and trying to force them into fighting him.

Thorkell is just a wonderful character and I love Vinland Saga so much for being crazy Vikings doing crazy things but Thorkell is just too much for my heart to be able to handle.

Dr. Giovanni!

So I didn’t go on about it in the review because it is a pointless thing to go on about but I LOVE Plague Doctors.

So when a Plague Doctor showed up in Fire Force I was so excited you do not understand how excited I was.

Giovanni is the Captain of 3rd Company, he along with Hibana work for Haijima Company and seemingly wants to experiment on Shinra knowing that he has the Adolla Burst within him.

Unfortunately if it means more of the Plague Doctor I would happily hand over Shinra to his death because OMG IS HE THE COOLEST CHARACTER OR WHAT?!

Which brings me to why are the coolest characters the ones that never actually do anything in this series?!

Footsteps of History…

It was a interesting episode of Vinland Saga this week.

We got a bit of a history lesson from Askeladd to explain how he believes the world is marching towards Ragnarok, the end of civilization and that he believes it because of history. Romans invaded Britain, Saxons took over from them and now the Vikings are doing the same. One civilization dies so another can be born, the ruins of those past lives are seen all around and the proof that this is the twilight of the Danish is history itself.

A beautiful lesson from a beautiful character.

Dramatic Crying Intensifies….

I make it sounds funnier then it is. After Charce finally comes clean in Astra : Lost in Space over who he is and what he is doing there is a wonderful little scene where we see how this has affected the entire group. Whilst sad music plays we see the boys sad, the girls crying and it is a great scene.

Though it was pretty dramatic for a crying scene.

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