Fire Force : Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8 – The Mightiest Hikeshi

Episode 11

Dai Hachi Tokushu Shōbōtai Kessei – Saikyō no Hikeshi” (第8特殊消防隊結成 – 最強の火消し)

It is a two part episode with both halves kind of coming together. A quick overlook at how Company 8 came to be before heading off to meet the misfits of Company 7.

I was a bit taken back by how quick the story of how 8 came to be was but thinking back on it the story didn’t need to be long winded or over the top. It was told in such a concise way and was pretty much the perfect way for 8 to have started.

Through the mutual respect of the living that both Hinawa and Obi have.

One thing I took from the first part of the episode though was how Hinawa see’s himself and how others see him. His whole being cold and uptight thing isn’t really a act it is just who he is and I feel like most people don’t really understand that so he must have felt lonely but embraced this side to him so when people actually warm to him I think it really does surprise him. It was sad that his friend died in front of his eyes and due to not having a Baptised gun he couldn’t put him out of his misery but it was also a really strong story to show why Hinawa has the resolve he does and is the way he is.

That and his relationship from beginning to end with Maki is adorable.

Obviously it was then the second part of the story that really caught my eye.

I really liked Benimaru in the meeting.

You all know me, I like a bad boy, a misfit, someone who isn’t afraid to say bugger it to the rules and run it his own way so Benimaru is the perfect character for me to love and the way that he acts in his District is both strange but kind in a weird way.

It is obvious he has a good street presence seeing that everyone says hi to him and offers him things or asks him to come to drink with them so even though he is the walking embodiment of a dick he very obviously means a lot to his District. In a way that in itself is kind of important.

We get told by the old woman that this entire District is terrified of becoming Infernal and dying so if they have to die they would rather die at the hands of Benimaru and you can see the love they all have for him.

Yet I feel this is going to be a problem for 8.

They embrace life and they pray for the Infernals they kill. They are kind and considerate and what they saw was Benimaru destroy a block or two of houses then thrust his hand through the chest of a Infernal.

Whilst even in death you could see the respect that the Infernal had for him, as he died he placed his hand on Benimaru’s arm, I can see it being something the 8th just don’t like. Even with the old woman trying to tell Shinra this is how people here want to die it didn’t come across as Shinra being happy to see or hear that.

What I really hope happens is that they learn that their form of respect isn’t the only kind.

What I don’t want to happen is for them to go investigating in 7s district and find out that Benimaru is at fault for this because I really like his character and will feel cheated if he ends up being the weird bad guy who likes hurting people and therefore turns them into Infernals and makes them believe his way of dealing with them is the only way.

Honestly don’t want that.

I would like to see the clash of two different ways of dealing with things and showing that outcasts can be good guys too and that alternative ways of thinking are OK.

Whether that’ll be the case or not I guess we’ll have to see but I really hope he doesn’t just end up being the next bad Commander they have to bring down.

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