Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Hashira Meeting

Episode 23

Chūgō Kaigi” (柱合会議)

I have a feeling that the fight between Sanemi and Nezuko won’t be lasting long seeing this episode itself is called the Hashira Meeting and I believe that this was something that was about to happen AFTER they figure out what to do with Tanjiro.

At least I hope it doesn’t last long because if Nezuko reacts in any way then the entire cast we care about are going to be dead so… Yeah.

It was over with pretty fast which I guess is a good thing. It didn’t need to be dramatic but it was nice to hear Nezuko reason it out herself and say in her head that humans need to be protected. A nice way to end that and the Master even then announced to Tanjiro that this won’t be enough for everyone so he has to go and face one of the Twelve to prove himself.

The rest of the episode didn’t really do much either in fact I can’t really tell you what happened.

We met up with the others, saw Tanjiro talk a bit to Nezuko and then got the news that they are struggling to recruit Demon Slayers due to people not believing in Demons anymore.

It was a nice breather episode that gave us a little look into what needs to happen for everyone.

Tanjiro wants to be stronger so that he can take on one of the Twelve which is something we kind of knew anyway but I’m happy that he ended up needing to learn that lesson and having to get stronger. I like the Master pointing out just how much more the Hashira have been through and why they deserve the respect they are given because so often in shows like this the main character is just OP for no reason and gets to the top because they need to be there so for Tanjiro to have shown promise but be nowhere near where he needs to be is a nice breath of fresh air.

We also see that Inosuke feels like he needs to strengthen up himself. His pure fire to fight seems to have been doused and I don’t think it is a need to be stronger but a need to be more focused that he needs to find and I feel like if he works more with Tanjiro and Zenitsu, who is busy being sad about his arms and legs needing to grow back, he will find that focus.

Then there is the Corps themselves.

People like Tanjiro who have been affected by Demons will always want to be a Demon Slayer, people like Zenitsu will also always end up HAVING to become one and even people like Inosuke.

That doesn’t help though.

All those deaths, all those Demon Slayers who couldn’t do anything to the Spider family. Those all passed Final Selection yet they were no use up against any of the Spiders. We learnt from the flashback that whilst they were given powers to join the Family they were all weak and scared Demons and were also easily worried into making mistakes. A giant group of Demon Slayers couldn’t do anything, they couldn’t figure out how to get close to Mother let alone fight any of the others.

With less people even believing in the Demon Slayers the process must be hard and because there is a lack of Slayers and their numbers are obviously easily culled via things like this there are more Demons able to do what they want in the world.

That probably was the most interesting thing we learnt but even then it wasn’t treated as a big deal.

The Hashira look down on the weak Slayers under them but also don’t think it is fair to force people to become Slayers because it isn’t a life anyone would want to chose. The Master is happy that he’s collected together the best Swords people he thinks they’ve had in a long time with the Hashira and there is obviously at least four Slayers who all passed Final Selection together that are going to one day ascend to join the Hashira, those being the ones that passed with Tanjiro and Tanjiro himself.

Though with the pillars only seemingly representing their own breathing technique I can’t see Tanjiro getting there with Giyu already there which might mean we might one day see Giyu die and I don’t want that.

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