Bem : Chimera

Episode 7

When you take the main story away from the series and really just focus on Bela and Belo the series becomes so much better…

That was very much what happened in this episode.

I’m going to not even bother moaning about the overall story or anything else in this review because it wasn’t even present (which is half the problem) but instead focus on a really wonderful story that was told.

You couldn’t get away from the government conspiracy and all that crap in the last episode which probably just pips this one to being the best of the series so far but boy was this one a emotional roller coaster.

Going back to focus on Belo I think was the right choice. Bela is a easier character to understand and her biggest problems aren’t things that can be really worked out in a episode or two. Belo on the other hand started a chain of events that can lead to some amazing stories as well as being that amount of distant from people he cares about and what he really wants to make him a seriously interesting character.

This was a story of friendship and we really got to know the trio who seem to love and care for Belo.

They come from abusive families, the little girl has to go buy alcohol for her father else she’ll be beaten and Dave we are told isn’t far off being in the same position. They are outcasts that have come together and that is why they won’t just let Belo walk out on them. He isn’t just their ace when it comes to games they just want to spend time with him.

Even after that time becomes dangerous and one of them is kidnapped.

This episode did a good job of making us believe a character we don’t really know but care a whole bunch about is dead. Or not dead but not human anymore and it was easy to understand why Belo would lose his shit to the extent that he did. It showed that he has a lot of heart and that he’s just putting a wall around him to stop himself from being hurt, one of the most human things that you could possibly do, whilst also moving the story with Daryl into a different direction.

He honestly loved Daryl as a friend and now he has him as a enemy. He’s seen that Daryl is capable of shooting him till he’s out of bullets, he’s seen the hate and there is absolutely nothing he can do to stop it.

It was such a good episode to further Belo as a character and to be honest he might be my favourite of the three main characters.

Plus his friends are adorable and I’m so sad for the doggo in this episode.

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