Anime Highlights Week 35

2nd – 8th September 2019

Another week of cool battles, heart break and Lucky Lechery…

Yeah I said it, it is here once again striking its ugly head.

Ginro & Kinro

The Guard Brothers are probably two of my favourite characters in Doctor Stone since they first appeared.

One being strictly for the rules, the other just wanting to enjoy life.

This weeks episode showed them both kind of joining forces with Senku in so much as they agree to help try and take down Magma in the Grand Bout. Them being stronger then anyone else they have on their side and easily manipulated at times with the promise of gold and silver helps the matter but at heart they are just nice guys who probably also don’t want to see someone like Magma as Village Elder or married to someone as nice as Ruri.

Not only that but their actual connection to each other is perfect and I just love them.

Lucky Lechery… Again… Because I can’t complain enough.

Just hear me out OK.

Shinra vs Rekka might be one of the coolest battles this year will see.

Just think of how cool it would have been without having to have sexy stuff happening with Tamaki in the background?

Imagine how cool it would have been just to have her there, protecting the kids like a hero without having to be the butt of a joke about how for some reason sexy stupid stuff happens to her all the time.

Imagine how I wouldn’t have probably complained about the Hibana/Iris clothes burning thing if it wasn’t for the fact that this character exists and that I would be like “of course her clothes would burn off look at Iris” if it wasn’t for the fact HERS was played for a joke!

Just imagine a world where Lucky Lechery isn’t a thing.

Imagine it.

Suspense & Tears

This weeks episode of Bem actually nearly brought me to tears as well.

It was the story of Belo’s friends trying to reconnect with him, he’s kind of turned his back on wanting to be human after seeing the shitty side and having a falling out with someone and whilst that is still a giant problem with him at the moment, what with Daryl back and shooting at him, his other friends open his eyes to what it really is like being human.

The entire episode made you sad because you felt like a poor, abused child had met a grisly end and that Belo who loved him had to put him down just for us to have the happy reunion at the end of the episode.

It was one of the best episode of this series and was just nice to see Belo have a happy ending.

Oh and they bonded over doggos because doggos are pure and were badly mistreated in this episode and I don’t care what Dr Recycle does to humans but OMG I AM HAPPY THE ANIMALS GOT REVENGE ON THE EVIL HUMAN EXPERIMENTING ON THEM!

Trust based on Cola!

Even in this stone world Cola is the driving force of many.

Some people genuinely don’t like Cola, some people live on it but like McDonalds the main two Cola producing companies, Coke Cola and Pepsi, are two brands you just can’t get away from.

Now in this stone world Senku has to bring it back to save his own life and win Gen to the Kingdom of Science.

Oh blessed Cola.

Mindless Tanjiro….

I really loved Demon Slayer this week, even though Luc pointed out nothing really happened the entire beginning part of the episode with Tanjiro not truly knowing his place at the feet of his Master in front of all the Hashira made me laugh.

Him running back begging to headbutt Sanemi after being told he needs to respect the Hashira just made me laugh so hard and it was perfect Tanjiro.

Shinra vs Rekku

I went on about Lucky Lechery and to be fair I need to talk about one of the best battles Fire Force has had so far. Just brute strength against brute strength that also boiled down to one man’s preaching about a vision of the world that goes against what normal humans would want to see happen in the world.

It wasn’t just a great battle because it looked good, it looked brutal and it pitted Shinra up against a tough opponent and showed him lose. It was a brilliant battle because it introduced us to the opposite view point.

Whilst we obviously sit on the side of Shinra and others that human combustion is bad and probably having the world turn into a second Sun is a awful idea we got to see the flip side of the coin. Instead of it just being bad guys for the sake of it there is a entire religious organisation that believes that their God wants this of them.

This battle gave us pretty much all the markers in the pin board of this investigation we needed to start attaching string and figuring out what is the Evangelists fault, what are others faults, who we need to go after and what this is all about.

It was a wonderfully structured fight that both showed the terrifying reach this organisation had, the lengths to which they would go to to fulfill their desires as well as how disposable their members are and just how many of our questions have them as a answer.

Truly such a important set piece for the series as a whole.

Li, poor Li…

So we still don’t really know anything of Li, the only “power” we’ve seen is him punching someone who had been turned to ice by Karim in a flashback.

Even him showing up at the end and losing a arm didn’t do much.

Yet still I love him.

He’s my favourite of the three without actually doing anything and I don’t know why, whilst Karim is the one that has asked Shinra to work with him to figure this all out I still just want to know as much as I can about Li.



I feel bad for Charce.

As a character he felt well rounded and I enjoyed his story greatly. Therefore him being the Enemy just seemed like a pointless thing to have him be when we had a perfectly good Enemy already boring the shit out of everyone in the show called Aries.

Away from my bias I don’t know, at this point I just don’t think anything would have been a good ending to this mystery. They came too far and too many of them ended up being too obvious as the enemy. Instead of focusing on making them all not seem suspicious they all seemed suspicious and then had long heartbreaking tales to tell us why they weren’t so then back tracking a little on one seems to just… Seem empty in a way.

What I’m trying to say I guess is that I just didn’t care that it was Charce. It could have been any of them at this point. They were barely a threat to the point they’d been forgotten about a little and they all obviously have a tale to tell meaning that they aren’t really a bad guy but someone who has a decent reasoning behind what they do.

I just… Yeah. It actually was the biggest disappointment but I also don’t think any other character, yes even not Aries, would have worked at this point.


Is he lost because he’s a idiot or is he gone because he’s a bad guy…

Do we want to know the answer? Do we care?

I guess it was a good cliffhanger to leave Fire Force on this week at least.

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