Doctor Stone : Buddies Back to Back

Episode 12

Senaka Awase no Nakama-tachi” (背中合わせの仲間たち)

So Ginro is getting his Silver Spear but at what cost?

Nearly at the cost of his life.

The very dangerous thing that we’re going to do turned out to be to gather sulfuric acid. The Silver Spear was used as a sensor for when they reached the danger zone and couldn’t go any further.

Once more the very real science in the show fascinated me and it was very science heavy as well.

Most people know about sulfuric acid, it is something we all learn about at school and just acid in particular is something we’re well aware of being dangerous. It kind of made the episode easier to follow as we know the threat that acid has yet at the same time it kind of felt like one big attempt at making us scared for the lives of these characters when in actual fact it wasn’t that scary.

Like literally not at all.

With Senku’s creation of gas masks and Chrome’s big speech about not leaving his side it was obvious no one was going to be hurt and it was more of a episode to show the determination of all the characters and get rid of some of the fear that Ginro was feeling.

I did like the fact that Kohaku pointed out how similar her and Chrome are. They are both doing what they are doing to save Ruri because they love her but Chrome also ends up coming out with something that we see in a flashback Kohaku herself has already done.

Refusing to be passed on knowledge that someone else holds so that they can’t die.

In this episode it was Chrome refusing to take on Senku’s knowledge of science so that he couldn’t go to collect the acid and die leaving Chrome to be the bearer of Science going forward, the flashback showed that Kohaku made the same decision and forced her father into the position he is now in so that she would never be seen as Priestess material and would never have to learn the 100 tales therefore meaning Ruri had to live.

I actually really liked that part of the story. It was interesting seeing the two of them have such similar ideals and goals.

That being said it was a very small part of the episode and the only part that wasn’t really based in a whole bunch of science. The rest of it was the normal Senku telling us in dramatic style everything about what he needed or was making.

Whilst that is super interesting it doesn’t really inspire much to write about really.

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