Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Master of the Mansion

Episode 22

 “Chūgō Kaigi” (柱合会議)

After everything that Tanjiro has been through he now has to face the Hashira and explain, probably, why he’s traveling with a Demon.

Something that seemingly was kind of known by some higher ups but now seems to be a problem even though enough people have seen that Nezuko isn’t a problem. I don’t really know what to say about it honestly it feels out of place but then again I can’t remember the beginning of the season very well so maybe not.

I’m very happy to say it does make sense and that my thoughts on it weren’t wrong.

I guess it makes sense that the Hashira don’t know everything that is going on, they might be at the top of the Demon Slayers but they aren’t in any way let into the inner working of their master. Maybe I think I was looking at it more like a army where those closer to the top will be let in on what is happening but it isn’t like that at all.

For a start the actual Hashira are all uniquely different and have over the top personalities which I kind of like. Whilst most Demon Slayers we meet are crazy in their own way these kind of totally represent in some way the element that they work under. Or something like that. Personally I really liked Muichiro Tokito the Mist Pillar and Gyomei Hinejima the Stone Pillar plus I think Obanai Iguro the Snake Pillar was pretty interesting as well.

What I didn’t like was that Shinobu completely changed her tune.

She became the level headed one, the one that seemingly wants to hear what Tanjiro has to say but in the episode before this we saw her chase him and Nezuko down for sport more then anything. Her blood lust at killing Demons actually put me off her character and in this episode we’re meant to believe, maybe because she’s the one who we already know, that she’s level headed and in some ways kind.

It made no sense.

For me it would have worked better if Mitsuri Kanroi the Love Pillar had that role, asking to hear him out and find out the truth. Instead she was totally there for comedy, she probably had most of the lines in the episode but it was all in her head talking about how cute things were and how lovely things are. After the last episode though having Shinobu suddenly become the voice of reason seemed out of character for her.

When the Master shows up it turns out not only has he sanctioned Tanjiro working with Nezuko but both Urokodaki and Giyu have agreed to ritual suicide if Nezuko ever hurts a human which brings Tanjiro to tears.

All in all this episode was a good look at the structure of the Demon Slayers. Not only how they all obey this one person and the respect and love they have for him but that he himself won’t hold them to his own words. When the majority of them disagree with him allowing Nezuko to live he doesn’t scorn them or tell them to listen, he doesn’t even get angry. He points out that whilst there is no proof Nezuko will never harm a human and that one human hurt by her will never be forgivable even with the death of three Demon Slayers as atonement there is also no proof that she will hurt a human.

Which leads us to the Cliffhanger of Sanemi (The Wind Pillar) slitting his wrist, stabbing Nezuko through her box a few times and baiting her to attack him.

It was a lot better then I thought it would be, my main problem had been I’m sure the higher ups knew and that was answered in a good way. We got to see how the Demon Slayers worked, met the highest ranked ones and got to know their motivations and they were understandable. Unlike Shinobu’s introduction where it looked like she was having fun thinking about torturing and killing Demons the others came across as being so through with Demons having seeing what they could do that even when they were saying things in their own crazy way you could see that their one mindedness was based on their experiences in the world.

It is easy to forget that it was Nezuko saving Tanjiro that stopped Giyu from attacking her in the first place. This is highly irregular and just because we’ve met Demons who won’t hurt humans doesn’t stop the fact that it still isn’t heard of and those Demons aren’t going to come face to face with a Demon Slayer because they know that they won’t believe that they don’t want to hurt anyone.

It was a good save from a story I thought was going to be super confusing.

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