Bem : Gravity

Episode 6

We are pretty much at the half way point of the series now and whilst the story slowly starts to actually make some sense and join together it still has a long way to go before it actually feels like a coherent story.

Val and Harazy are probably the best thing to happen to this series and they were once again a one time only story.

For some reason it seems that Bela gets the better stories out of the three of them and this one was actually really sad as we actually get a look at what the government is up to as well.

This is also its biggest problem.

There is no focus at all.

So one problem we’ve had in this episode is that I don’t really understand the world. Like I don’t know if I missed something in all this babble but I totally was baffled that there was more then just this city. The way they talk about it you’d think that this was the only place left on earth which is stupid but I guess it is the bad writing that led me to think that.

Then we meet Harazy who has super powers…

But we’re in a world with Humanoid Monsters…

So like where does one begin and the other end?

Sure you can point to it as a mystery that I have to wait and find out about but this is just a conspiracy with more mystery piled on top of a whole bunch of other mysteries.

Yeah I get that Bem is related to Harazy in the fact that those two stories obviously involve a crazy conspiracy with the government experimenting on people but then were does Dr. Recycle and his merry men of crazies come in?

Why have so many stories all colliding together yet not have a story actually connect all these dots?

This episode was by far the best episode but it just pointed out plenty more plot holes and questions then it did bring everything together.

Thing is this episode was so good it makes you want to carry on and see where they go. Does Sonia ever think to try and contact Bem and talk to him now specially as she’s seen that they will willingly take a girl hostage to experiment on her? Will Belo and Bela ever find what they are looking for?

Don’t really care about the mysteries I care about the characters.

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