Anime Highlights Week 34

26th August – 1st September 2019

This is the week that gave us Thorkell children. Remember it well.

The week we were given a God to praise!

A Wave Goodbye

One of the most grizzly, adorable and visually great moments of this week goes to Thorkell who was honestly a breath of fresh air in Vinland Saga.

Whilst his fight with Thorfinn was only a glimpse of what he can do and we probably never will see his full power as he’ll probably come face to face with Thorfinn again and die it was the wave at the end whilst Thorfinn swam away that’ll stick in my memory.


Because after being stabbed in the hand and then having his fingers cut off he waved with that hand and the animators even gave us a little spurt of blood from his stubs as he moved it around.

It was one of those moments that Vinland Saga does well that shows the hardship of war, the weirdness of Vikings and the beauty of the show all in one.

A different kind of wave goodbye…

Whilst Vinland Saga had a bloody and cool wave goodbye I guess Astra : Lost in Space had a more metaphorical wave goodbye as we waved goodbye to the mystery of who these kids are, why they were sent to space to be lost and everything else.

I’m not sure how much I love the clone story, it is interesting but I feel like in the end it might just be a easy way out of everything.

That being said it was nice to have it all tied together. I think with them all being clones of super smart people raised to be their vessels and therefore super smart themselves it isn’t too far-fetched that they were able to work it out for themselves but the more I think about it the more actually you know what? I don’t really know if this was a satisfying end to that story or just a way to end it quickly so the new mystery can start.

That new mystery isn’t even that interesting to be honest.

Kohaku and Senku

They vibe so well together as characters.

Already the two of them have a great chemistry but it is the fact that when Senku does his evil muttering to himself stuff she’s always there with a comment about how he’s evil or how she doesn’t really know whether to trust him which is just fun if I’m honest.

I really like Kohaku as a character but she’s a great second to Senku, more even then Taiju.

Honestly she is just kind of the replacement to him but she’s a little bit smarter and open to learning then Taiju was and she doesn’t just look at Senku as a god who will do all these wonderful things so their interactions are golden most of the time. Plus she see’s the world slightly differently from Senku, which even he notes in the last episode, which gives him a different perspective and can help like when she takes the spear from Kinro in this episode to help make the magnet.

Rushed Story Telling is the worst….

I have to always look at Fire Force for this as well.

No sooner has something happened, and usually there is a pretty convenient plot point to get them there in the first place, then the story is rushed through to a conclusion without letting us really understand it or care for the people involved in said story.

Sadly the character of Rekka is the victim of this stories rushed telling and whilst his personality would have driven me insane no doubt it was a shame that we weren’t thrown a proper red herring to actually be surprised that the apparent “nice” Lieutenant of the 1st is the one that is causing all the horrible things to happen.

Hopefully the handling of the story going forward might be better? Maybe?

Gen Asagiri

He is part of Tsukasa’s world but even though he seems open to changing his mind honestly? I’m just not convinced with him.

He’s full of himself, plays headology well and just seems like a loose cannon.

Whether or not Senku has won him over is for next week’s episode but hopefully they have done enough for him to report back to Tsukasa that everything is fine. You can hope.

Back to Tamaki…

So cat girl was my biggest hate when introduced but it isn’t really cat girl I guess I hate as everyone guessed.

Unfortunately now we’ve seen that she can dress normally and her powers as we always knew was super cool. That being said the fact that her uniform and indeed her entire character is all part of this “Lucky Lechery” which has nothing to do with her fire cat ability and is more just a way of saying “she’s a character here so we can constantly have ridiculously overly sexual things happen to her to laugh about” just still ruins her.

This episode could have done a lot to save her for me but it also reminded me that she’s really just the joke sex character of the series and therefore why should I take her seriously or care?

The Hashira

Finally we get to meet the top Swords Men and Women of the Demon Slayer Corps.

We already knew Giyu but other then the last episode where his interactions with Shinobu, the second one we met, made him seem like a dumb anti-social idiot he came across as being pretty normal. Again Shinobu whilst coming across in the last episode as blood thirsty and having way too much fun ending the lives of former humans who might not have had much choice in their lives after being turned was actually pretty normal.

The other Pillars though go from the absolute weirdest (Muichiro and Mitsuri) to outright crazy sounding (Sanemi and Obanai.)

Not only do we meet them and get a look at their unique personalities but we get to see that whilst for us they seem like the bad guys and we know that Nezuko wouldn’t hurt humans it obviously isn’t something that people who spent a good majority of their lives killing Demons is ever going to want to hear.

They are sympathetic at times, they are understanding to a point but to be the top Swords people in a group that specializes in killing Demons it is understandable that some no one who has been a Slayer for less then a year will suddenly make them believe that a Demon won’t hurt a human.

Even though the structure of the Slayers seem to be one Master at the top that they all love and respect I feel like that love and respect is shown both ways. The Master is kind and gentle and allows his Hashira to talk and say their piece and whilst he doesn’t want harm to come to Nezuko he doesn’t stop Sanemi from baiting Nezuko to prove his own point or indeed Tanjiro’s point. Whilst there is some kind of hierarchy to the corps in general it feels like the Master see’s them all as his children and more importantly he actually ACTS like it too. He must know that they won’t believe what he tells them without seeing it for themselves so he allows this to happen knowing full well if Nezuko loses and attacks not only will he be wrong but Giyu and Tanjiro as well as former Water Pillar Urokoadki will all kill themselves.

A very interesting look into the world of the Demon Slayers.

The sad tale of Gravity Man and Harazy

So the review of Bem is more of me angrily pointing out what they could do and what they have done and why I don’t like the series all that much so I thought I’d highlight probably the biggest highlight of that series so far.

A story that made total sense, that emotionally connected you to two characters whose only appearance will probably be this episode and a entire episode that actually worked from start to finish.

Val was lost in a time anomaly and can no longer breath in Earths atmosphere, Harazy has some sort of power, both were held captive and experimented on till Val escaped and took Harazy with him. Their bond was obvious, him trying to keep her safe was adorable and then his death, her explosion of feelings and subsequent capture were nearly enough to bring tears to the eyes.

You know if the world building had already been put into place that we understood where and what the world is but we don’t so it was all a little confusing too.

That being said credit where it is due. At least it was a half decent episode.

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