Vinland Saga : A Gamble

Episode 11

Kake” (賭け)

With a bored Thorkell on the move, Askeladd marching towards the end of the world and Thorfinn still trying his best to believe there is any honour in constantly fighting and losing to the same opponent the war is ever changing.

Here we are though on the move with all of them.

There isn’t much to say about the episode really.

At the moment it is a bit of a game to both Thorkell and Askeladd with the ball they are playing with being the Prince.

Whilst Thorkell is bored and wants to taste defeat, Askeladd wants money as he always does and a little action on the side to keep him preoccupied. Both are marching ever closer to the King with Thorkell using the Prince as bait for fights whilst Askeladd knows he’ll be rewarded for returning him.

I am starting to wonder though if anyone is ever going to care about the Prince truly.

He seems to be very un-Viking to the point that when he takes his helmet off I think we’re meant to be surprised by how feminine he looks, Bjorn seems to be anyway, and I’m just not seeing the point in his character right now. I mean Canute is a King, he does become King and he is a very real part of history but at the same time in this show he’s a mute who isn’t doing anything. As much as I like Vikings I don’t really know a whole much about Canute but it seems odd to focus the attention a little on him without really actually doing anything with him.

We have Ragnar talk about how the Prince never gets to decide anything but the Prince also looks like he doesn’t want to decide anything.

Actually we have had Ragnar who seems to be a former fighter now turned Christian do-gooder totally turn his back on Viking ways wanting the Prince to be kept out of all harms way. Whilst Christianity did end up playing a part in the history of the Vikings I’m sure he seems happy for Canute never to gain any infamy on the battlefield and wants to wrap him up in cotton wool which makes Canute a very boring, uninteresting waste of character space for me.

In a show with characters like Thorkell and Askeladd who cares what anyone does to such a boring character as Canute?

Only time will tell I guess as now he’s actually in the main party the show actually focuses on and will no doubt have to be seen to talk to Askeladd and maybe even Thorfinn we might see some actual character from him instead of just Ragnar shouting orders to keep him safe.

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