Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Against Corps Rules

Episode 21

Tairitsu Ihan” (隊律違反)

With the series coming to a end soon the Spider Family have to be put to rest and whatever the big final problem for Tanjiro to face has to be established quickly.

That is just what they do in this episode.

A part of me thinks that they tried to pad this episode out by returning to Rui. It really has taken him nearly three episodes just to die but he finally is gone, this time it was just his returning memories for us to learn and boy did he have a sad story to tell.

His death though was more then just to flesh out another Demon story or to once more remind us that these are humans.

No his death served as the starting piece for I guess the final part of the season.

Tanjiro’s POV vs hardened Demon Slayers.

Whilst Tanjiro will come across as being naive and innocent in the way he thinks at the same time he really isn’t and it takes actually hearing what he has to say and wanting to be empathetic towards another living being for you to understand him. As we’ve gone on this journey with him and Nezuko of course we have the same opinion as him and seeing people blindly feel like Demons are just evil creatures is as wrong to us as it is to him.

That being said how many people died in these woods?

How many of them might know other Demon Slayers? How many people have Shinobu or Giyu seen die at the hands of Demons?

It comes to the point where without that emotional connection like Tanjiro it is going to be hard for them to care. Just like we don’t care about how a murderer actually became a murderer it is the murder they commit that we judge them on why would the Demon Slayers care?

I guess the difference being that the Demons don’t necessarily ask for this life but have it thrust on them and even if they agree to it they usually have a heartbreaking reason for wanting it or even maybe have been miss sold what it is they are getting themselves into. They kill because they have to, because their DNA now tells them too and sure most embrace that life but surely if you look at how happy Shinobu looks when she’s doing her job then we can ask the question how different is that still from humans?

Do we hate Demons so much because it is humans that are their victims?

When a Demon Slayer finds joy in killing a Demon are they not just as bad as a Demon?

Lets remember not only does she seemingly find joy in trying to kill Nezuko but she was preaching how she would torture The Daughter in the last episode to make her atone for killing humans which isn’t the same thing as killing a threat to humanity. It is playing with your prey after realising they can no longer fight you.

It isn’t even that she has no sympathy or is doing her job she enjoys watching them suffer. She was never given the right to force atonement on the Demons, if she see’s them below humans then they won’t even have anyone to atone too so she uses the fact she knows these Demons are humans and that they have humanity in them to try and play horrible games to get her kicks.

I’ve totally lost track of what I’m talking about though.

By the end of the episode Tanjiro was in front of all the highest ranked Demon Slayers and will obviously have to explain why he has been harbouring Nezuko which feels weird seeing that so many people seemingly know about her and it is just now becoming a huge thing.

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