Bem : Sweeper

Episode 5

So we return to the kind of ridiculous world of Bem. With the over the top Batman-esque villains, the main character who is a mystery and another who is just kind of there. Two child side kicks and yeah…

If you haven’t got the point it is all a little Batman like.

Just not as fun.

Why do I continue to watch it then?

Mainly because the characters are kind of interesting and I do want to find out more about the Doctor and what he’s up to as well as seeing if anything actually ever joins together.

Thing is the over arching plot of the series is starting to come together but it isn’t that interesting. We know that Bem is some sort of monster thing, now the government is after him even though Sonia knows that he isn’t really a bad guy but she’ll call in Special Ops the moment she see’s him knowing that they want to take him in.

I don’t know and I don’t really care which is a problem.

The more pressing matter of the actual bad guy in this, Dr. Recycle, and his monsters is what kind of keeps me watching.

Like Sweeper was such a ridiculous character but at the same time he had a better story then anyone we’ve met so far even if it was over the top and ridiculous and his story went from A to B swiftly.

I dunno what to tell you guys.

These episodes still feel like stand alone episodes. They have a one time bad guy with a hidden mystery or 10 in the background with the only one being interesting being the bad guy one because we’ve kind of got the point of the Bem one now.

Whilst the story folds in on itself it just starts to make less sense.

Characters don’t really seem to react properly to what is happening, things just happen and we’re meant to just go along with it. I’m not really sure what is happening half the time but at least the fights are OK.

Not even good just OK.

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